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  • Prompt and professional

    I received a very prompt and professional service. I was very impressed by the way CustomerSure handled my problem, the advice Guy gave me was excellent, thank you.

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    Overall I highly recommend this app

    One of the drawbacks to having an ecommerce store is not being able to see the end result of the shipments you send out. You don't see the expression on your customers' faces when they open the packages addressed to them from you. A lot of times the most you can count on is a returning customer. Since being a beta tester for this app, it's validating to get feedback from customers that everything worked out. Installing the app was painless (especially for someone like me who knows so little code). Setting up the dashboard and the survey were easy to do. Within 24 hours of set-up, I was getting immediate feedback from visitors. Once the surveys were sent out to customers after the number of days I chose (12 since I use fedex smartpost), the surveys came rolling in. Overall I highly recommend this app as a way of connecting with your customers after a transaction. Kudos to the developers for finding a way to alert me if a customer made more than one purchase over a period of time so you wouldn't be sending the survey twice.

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    I love CustomerSure

    I love CustomerSure, it helps create a perfect user friendly way of communicating for both the customer and store staff. The addition of a 'contact us' button on each page of the website is reassuring to customers, but not hassling and once clicked the little box allows you to choose what kind of contact you'd prefer, such as asking for help or feedback etc. Once the customer contacts the store, we are notified right away and the app has a very simple to use and well organised dashboard to ensure all queries are dealt with, the staff they've been assigned to and it allows full conversations with attachments etc. The app has definitely changed the feel of our site and it has definitely improved contact with our customers as we can respond quick and adequately which makes great customer service. Also, the auto feedback form is great and we've had a lot of customers respond as we can set our own relevant questions, time when to send it and customise it to feel non pushy! Overall great and the guys over at CustomerSure are awesome and always happy to help/ ask for ways to improve etc! 100% recommend this app.

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