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Clicksor is a Targeted Contextual Advertising Network that serves over 500 million impressions daily by partnering with over 100,000 specialized websites. Your ad listings will instantly appear on our affiliated websites that have related content to your product or service. Contextual Advertising means that your advertisement is displayed on websites relevant to your specific product or service.
Our latest online advertising technology helps scan for keywords and phrases on your website, and places the ads that best match your website contents. Our internet advertising network offers different auction model where you may bid for placement ranking (CPV, CPC, CPI and CPM metrics). The higher you bid, the higher placement your ad listing will have on our publisher websites.

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    Raviraj Raikar

    Clicksor users Cost per impression (CPM), cost per click (CPC), Cost per views (CPV) advertising models to pay its publishers. It's a contextual advertising network, which means the website or blogs having lots of rich contents for a given keyword is said to benefit a lot. It also supports adding different ad formats in your blogs or websites, thus helping its publisher to better monetization.

    Clicksor being one of the oldest contextual advertising networks, it does pays its publishers on time. The payment is done on a bi-weekly basis, which means one does not have to wait too long to receive the money from Clicksor.

    Pros :

    • Opening an account with Clicksor is not a problem, as it is believed that Clicksor approves almost all websites and blogs that registers with it, though it may have lesser traffic, unlike AdSense which takes skew of measures and checks before approving any website owner in their program. Various ad types are supported by Clicksor, some of them are text advertisements, interstitial, banner, pop-under advertisements, etc.
    • The Reporting and tracking system is also good enough as it gives detail reports on advertisement units performance, earnings, referral earning, payment history, summary report, etc.
    • The best part about the payment is, payment is done bi-weekly basis i.e. one will receive payment twice in a month.
    • The referral program is also good enough. One gets a referral commission of 10% of the revenue that the referred person will earn throughout his lifetime.
    • There are no limits on the number of persons you can refer under you.
    • This is an additional source of income for the publisher on top of what they earn from advertising on their blog or website.

    Cons :

    • Minimum payout for Clicksor is $50. This limit is very difficult for Small Scale publisher to achieve, and make their life tedious as they have to wait until their revenue surpasses $50 to receive the payment from Clicksor.

    • March 10, 2016
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