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ClickBank allows affiliates to promote products in four different languages, a feature that is not provided by the majority of other ad network marketing companies. ClickBank accepts payments in 13 different currencies and allows affiliates to promote products in nearly every country throughout the world. ClickBank makes weekly or bi-weekly payments every Wednesday once an account has accumulated sales with more than five different credit card numbers (excluding PayPal).

One of the features we found extremely helpful was the ClickBank HopAd Builder. Through your account, ClickBank provides the tools for you to create an ad for ClickBank products you choose to promote on your Website. After clicking on your HopAd, a customer is navigated to a page where they are able to purchase the product. You will receive commission from every purchase that customer makes for up to 60 days after they clicked on your HopAd. The ad deposits a cookie in the computer of every user who clicks on your ad, the cookie is traceable for 60 days, at which time it will expire. The HopAd Builder found in your Account Settings is not only fun and easy but a great way to track customers and earn commissions.

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ClickBank Review by Cloudswave

Named by Revenue Magazine as the top affiliate network in the U.S. in 2011, ClickBank is an online marketplace where content creators, customers, and affiliate marketers meet.
To simplify the way consumers find digital products in a virtual environment that’s literally flooded with website after website and digital content after digital content, ClickBank’s founders started the company in 1998 in a San Diego, California garage. Today, the company has offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho.
For the past 17 years, ClickBank has sold a variety of digital lifestyle products such as ebooks, software, recipes, and even online advice. ClickBank believes in each product it sells, as, according to the company’s Our Story page, it “reviews each product based on strict guidelines and works with product creators to ensure products are appropriate for ClickBank to sell.”
ClickBank’s vast product library carries thousands of digital products – from personal development courses to guitar lessons, from Warcraft guides to sugar detoxification, from dancing instructions to tattooing, from 20-minute body workouts to dating and relationship advice, from paid membership sites to betting systems. You name it, ClickBank most likely has it.

Why do people use ClickBank?

ClickBank functions as a virtual storefront where vendors display their products to more than 200 million people worldwide. ClickBank also handles critical processes like payment confirmation, order processing, and customer service.
The service can be accessed in six different languages – English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese, allowing you to tap a truly international market for your product or service. Country blogs likewise exist, and they’re available in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, China, India, and South Korea.
If you’re a publisher or an affiliate marketer, ClickBank’s marketplace is one of the best places for products to promote and offer to your customers. Affiliates can choose from tens of thousands of products and earn up to 75% in commissions.
If you’re a consumer looking for unique informational lifestyle products, ClickBank’s purchasing process is hassle-free. Once you find the product you need, in just a few clicks, the product is yours – no long wait times and hefty shipping fees to worry about, particularly if you live in a country different from the vendor’s. ClickBank has a multi-currency payment system in place, and you can pay via credit card or PayPal.
ClickBank has a dedicated customer and technical support team for any inquiries related to your order, account, or any unwanted ClickBank experience.

ClickBank features

As is the objective of any reputable ecommerce site, ClickBank aims to provide the most value for vendors, customers, and affiliates. Aside from easily navigable websites in several different languages, it offers a collection of user-friendly guides on how to set up vendor and affiliate accounts and how to succeed as an online marketer.
Notable features are listed below:

ClickBank University

A paid feature that costs $47 per month, ClickBank University is a training program that teaches aspiring Internet entrepreneurs and content developers how to create their own products, market them, and onboard affiliates to maximize their earning potential. It includes live weekly webinars with ClickBank University creators Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan, so members stay on track and get all their questions answered.
Detailed processes are provided, and the trainings can be attended by anyone, regardless of their technical know-how. If at any point, for any reason whatsoever, you realize that purchasing the membership is a mistake, ClickBank University offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

ClickBank marketplace

The ClickBank marketplace offers more than 10,000 digital products. This is where you go if you’re a customer looking for a product to improve your life or enhance your job-related skills. It’s the same place to visit if you’re an affiliate marketer searching for suitable products to feature on your affiliate website or promote across various online marketing channels.
The products fall under several different categories, with the categories arranged alphabetically: arts and entertainment, betting systems, business and investing, computers and the Internet, cooking, food, and wine, e-business and e-marketing, education, employment and jobs, fiction, games, green products, health and fitness, home and garden, languages, mobile, and so on.
Click on the Computers/Internet category if you’re looking for software, web hosting, email services, as well as hardware troubleshooting guides.
If you want to improve your chances of landing your dream job, launch a side business, or make money off the things you love doing, like photography, for example, look no further than the Employment and Jobs category.
There, you’ll find techniques and instructional materials on how to write a winning cover letter and make your resume stand out. It also lists membership sites you can join to get started making money as an online teacher, mystery shopper, online ticket broker, contributing photographer to stock photo sites, and more.
The Health and Fitness category carries weight-loss programs and advice ebooks on how to combat diabetes and other diseases, among others. You will find healthy recipes, fat-loss cookbooks, and guilt-free eating advice in the Cooking, Food, and Wine Category.

ClickBank blog

The ClickBank blog contains hundreds of articles about online marketing and ecommerce. It provides valuable information on how to build and control your ClickBank business, create social media buzz and drum up interest for your products or services, which ecommerce strategies to support and avoid, and so on.
There are blog posts that talk about customer service, such as how to personalize the customer’s shopping experience so they always leave your site feeling valued. It’s also where you’ll find articles about ClickBank’s new features, events, and latest promos.

Knowledge base

Answers to questions you may have, whether you’re a vendor, an affiliate, or a customer, can be found in ClickBank’s self-service knowledge base, which is divided into four sections: Vendor Help, Affiliate Help, General Account Help, and Customer and CLKBANK*COM Charges.
The Vendor Help section provides practical help and easy-to-follow instructions on how to get started as an infopreneur. It contains information on how to set up your vendor account, provide excellent customer service, and grow your business.
It contains tips and techniques to attract affiliate marketers, use PitchPlus, which is ClickBank’s upselling feature, and link multiple ClickBank accounts into one master account. The section also discusses the fees that ClickBank charges, as well as everything you need to know if you wish to offer physical versions of your digital products, also known as shippable media.
In the Affiliate Help section, you’ll find guides on how to become a ClickBank affiliate, how to use the marketplace, and how to effectively promote digital products. It contains proven principles and strategies to achieve affiliate marketing success, such as why you should promote recurring billing products. The section also tells you what you can and cannot do as a ClickBank affiliate.
The General Account Help section discusses the mechanics of signing up for a ClickBank account, how to choose your nickname, and the fees and charges to pay as a vendor. It also contains information on payment thresholds, refunds, international wire payment, and ClickBank account cancellation.
The Customer Service and CLKBANK*COM Charges section discusses how to refund an order, how to get a refund, and what to do in case of unknown charges from CLKBANK*COM. Each knowledge base entry in this section contains a quick link to ClickBank’s customer service site.

Technical support

To get in touch with ClickBank’s tech support team, look for the Technical Support link at the bottom of the home page, under the Learn/Resources section. Click on the link, and you’ll be asked to either visit the customer service website for purchase and CLKBANK*COM charge inquiries or fill out a form with your email address, request type, a detailed description of your request, account nickname, and question type, which you can select from a pop-up window.
Once all the needed details are provided, key in the captcha code and you’re set to hit the “Submit” button.

Customer support

To verify the status of an order, get help with a download, a refund or the status of a pending refund, and other similar concerns, a quick link to ClickBank’s customer service site can be found at the bottom of the ClickBank home page. To look up an order, remember to keep your email address and order number handy.
If you need to speak with a ClickBank live agent, toll-free and international numbers are provided.

Should you choose ClickBank?

If you’re embarking on a digital marketing journey as a content creator or an affiliate marketer and are looking for an online marketplace with a good reputation and pays on time, ClickBank is a place to consider. With 17 solid years of digital marketing experience under its belt, it’s safe to say that ClickBank knows what it’s doing.
ClickBank is not a scam, but due to its size and the number of people frequenting the site, expect that online scammers will always be there waiting, ready to pounce on unsuspecting users every chance they get. While ClickBank does what it can to hinder the crooks of the online world from penetrating the site and using the service, it is your responsibility as an affiliate marketer or customer to do your due diligence when deciding which product or service to promote or buy.
For vendors, although ClickBank takes a nominal amount from each sale you make, it’s easier to work with than applying for a merchant account to process orders online.
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Critic Reviews

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  • Clickbank makes it super easy to get your own product online and literally puts it in front of thousands of affiliates that are skilled enough to make tons of sales.
    Clickbank products are one of the most profitable and highest converting platforms in the online industry with a good reputation. All products have a 60-day money back guarantee that makes people more prone to purchase.

  • Overall, ClickBank is a great place for affiliates.
    Unlike typical networks where the merchant or affiliate network manager can reject your application to promote a particular offer, ClickBank merchants have no say in affiliate selection.

  • It’s foolish to rely on any of these “marketplaces” without building up your own affiliate list. I think it’s a terrible idea to rely on ClickBank as a publisher, because they refuse to release the email addresses of your affiliates. At the very least, ClickBank should allow you to send a batch email to your affiliates encouraging them to join the affiliate section of your site. Your affiliates, frankly, are at least as valuable an opt-in list as your “leads”, because your affiliates have a vested interest in bringing YOU sales. This is the biggest reason that I would never rely on ClickBank as a publisher.

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User Reviews

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    Raviraj Raikar

    ClickBank helps the budding entrepreneurs with all the information required to build a system wherein one can sell products online. The products could be as simple as selling some ebooks which could be related to technology, arts, fictions, stories etc. The products that one could sell could be anything under the sky, it could be someone who is an farmer, can share information related to farming techniques, methods, etc, one product could be how to prepare certain food dish, i.e. posting food recipes etc. One's experience and knowledge can be a ClickBank product which can help one to earn money be selling the product or knowledge online.

    Pros :

    • ClickBank helps to connect with the Customers globally, with just one product and through direct marketing, word of mouth marketing, if one has a product which has the potential to reach out to masses, one can earn in millions.
    • There are some categories under which one can list his/her product.
    • The categories range from Arts/Entertainment, Business/Investing, Computers, Education, Employment, Games, Mobiles, Softwares

    Cons :

    • There has been some issues reported by the customer, that they can add only product in the cart at a time while purchasing products.

    • January 16, 2016
  • User review from

    Ethan Swift

    In the affiliate markets, Clickbank is the name that beats out most others. Ranked at the top, it has been serving marketers for the previous 17 years, and scarce reports have been generated. Many affiliates wish to serve in a language other than English and a currency other than USD which is covered by it surprisingly well providing 17 different currencies and 4 separate languages. Once the user generates enough sales, funds are immediately transferred with a span of 7 days. Clickbank offers diversity for any person who wishes to join, and the only task he has to carry out would be to promote the product and get as many sales as possible. The person is given off the commission of about 0-25% of the total and making money becomes a lot easy once you get a base. People have earned themselves well above a 6-digit fund through Clickbank and it serves the way for more.

    Pros :

    • Long time running.
    • Offers multiple languages and currencies.
    • Large database of products.

    Cons :

    • The product may be shut down at times.

    • November 16, 2015
  • User review from

    Nick Thorsch

    Clickbank has been the go-to marketplace for internet entrepreneurs looking to convert traffic into sales. Clickbank has a HUGE library of high-quality products that are well-produced. All what it takes to join is signing up: just fill in your name, address, phone, email, payment and tax SSN. Once you're in, then you search the marketplace to find products that resonate with what you're looking for. Once you do, then you click the red Promote button, then find where you copy the "Hoplink", which is your affiliate tracking link to generate affiliate commissions from sales. And the commissions can be sizable, up to 75%, as the publishers want to encourage sales. The best ways to generate sales are if you have an email list of people who know and trust you. People have become wary of affiliate links, they suspect bias, but if you have trust, then they'll take your recommendation. Another good way is by creating a review site and comparing products, with an affiliate link to them. Clickbank itself states it's generated over 2 BILLION in sales and have over 200 million customers and 300,000 internet marketers promoting products, so it obviously works and is trusted by the Internet marketing community.

    Pros :

    • Huge marketplace of high-quality products.
    • Trusted brand for over 17 years - High commissions, up to 75%.

    Cons :

    • Not everything you want to sell is on here, mostly digital products. Many vendors have their own affiliate program or use other platforms.
    • Often times, products come and go in a flash, pages are often down

    • September 29, 2015
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FAQs for ClickBank

ClickBank is the world's largest provider of digital products. It functions like a huge marketplace focused on ebooks and software products.
If you want to make money by selling your own digital product or by offering other people’s products to your followers through affiliate marketing, ClickBank is one of the best places on the Internet to start.
Read more to find out what ClickBank is and what it can do for you.

How do I make money using ClickBank?

If you’re a product vendor or entrepreneur, ClickBank provides a complete ecommerce solution for product creators by handling the front- and back-end aspects of the business. ClickBank can boost your sales by showcasing your products to a worldwide audience. It also helps you generate more revenue through upsell offers and recurring subscriptions.
Since ClickBank is a big market with all kinds of digital products and services, affiliate marketers can use the ClickBank marketplace to search for products to advertise to their audience via various campaigns. You get commissions as high as 75% for every sale made through your affiliate link.

How do I start using ClickBank?

Signing up for a ClickBank account is easy and straightforward. Visit the ClickBank website at www.clickbank.com, click the Create Account link, and complete the online form by filling it out with all necessary information such as your location and contact details. You will then receive an email asking you to verify your account. Once done, you’re ready to browse your home page.
Take note that the account nickname you used during the registration process cannot be changed.

What if I need help?

Whether you’re using ClickBank as a vendor, affiliate, or customer, there’s a knowledge base you can run to anytime for a variety of topics. If you can't find what you’re looking for from the list of articles, you can always open a support ticket.
If you need immediate assistance, you can also contact their customer support through their international or toll free number.
If you want to make a career out of selling digital products, the ClickBank University, which is a paid service, offers in-depth discussions and instructions on product creation and marketing.

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