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Cision PR Software is used for identifying key media and influencers, connecting with audiences, monitoring traditional and social media, and analyzing outcomes.

Reach influencers with a media database of over 1.6 million contacts, outlets and opportunities. Build awareness by publishing content on sites like Time, CNN and Fast Company. Share brand news with press releases. Track coverage across traditional and social media with stories delivered to you.

Get the highest quality social data delivered directly to you. Our social software searches millions of posts and mines the data that will help you monitor the performance of key brand attributes and engagement, target emerging brand value and market drivers, and make informed business decisions easily and efficiently.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Influencer Identification
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Content Marketing
  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Analysis
  • Global database of media contacts
  • Deliver articles, photos, videos, and infographics
  • Publish on partner sites, including CNN
  • Converstaion listening and tracking
  • CRM Tools for PR Management


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Canada,  United States
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Plans & Pricing

Standard Package


  • North American media database
  • Online and print news monitoring
  • Customizable daily email news alerts
  • Charts and analytics

Advanced Package


  • North American media database
  • Online and print news monitoring
  • Customizable daily email news alerts
  • Charts and analytics
  • Social news monitoring
  • Campaign and project management
  • HARO Premium access
  • Powerful analytics and benchmarking tools

Premium Package


  • North American media database
  • Online and print news monitoring
  • Customizable daily email news alerts
  • Charts and analytics
  • Social news monitoring
  • Campaign and project management
  • HARO Premium access
  • Powerful analytics and benchmarking tools
  • Centralized collateral management
  • Global media database and monitoring
  • Phone and email support
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Critic Reviews

  • 83

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  • Cision PR Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI selected Cision PR Software for our division to use. I also manage our PR agency and have set them up with a user seat in the software. The business problem it addresses is providing monthly reports for our executives to track our ROI and metrics. It also is very useful for building out media lists to pitch to. Our PR agency also distributes our news blasts as they are relevant to certain media lists we have built.

    Pros : Media List BuildingLooking up Media Outlets or Specific Media ContactsMonthly News Coverage Reporting

    Cons : The daily emails detailing news coverage results are set up with key words and unless you are very specific, it will pull in coverage that isn't relevant to your tracking needs.If the trade publications your company places articles in are super niche, they likely won't be tracked/picked up through the software, and you have to manually add them as they publish.The executive dashboard and dashboard widgets are a little wonky and require some finessing in order to work properly.

  • What do you like best?

    We use Vocus for the PR Web news release distribution. Creating and customizing the news release is very simple and the posting process is straight forward.

    What do you dislike?

    Though we have their "marketing dashboard" as well, I haven't found it as useful as some other social media monitoring tools. It's a relatively new feature, so as time goes on I'm sure it it will mature.

  • This is a professional and well designed system which goes beyond mere press releases and integrates itself into your business to help develop and monitor your success in order to improve on it. The service is excellent but the price does exclude a lot of users, which has benefits (a more exclusive list of clients stops your sources from being flooded with unwanted press releases and therefore gains yours more focus) and negatives

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Cecelia Fresh

    I have been using Cision for the last 2 years in my current position. I am responsible for selecting and managing the PR software for our division. It is a great software for building media lists, tracking activities, researching opportunities and reporting coverage. It is a fairly well-known software for the PR industry; and was the main competitor of Vocus PR software, which was acquired within the last year by Cision. Now that both are integrated with one another, it's like having the best of both software platforms.

    Pros :

    • I also like to use this software to pull up details such as publicity value of our coverage, the reach of the publication, the focus of the publication, and details about a journalist or editor such as their social media score and or their level of credibility - as well as their focus and desires on how they wish to be contacted or pitched to.
    • We have an account with a few seats in it. This means that we can allow a few users to have their own login, which works very well for our needs. This enables our PR firm, which I manage to have a separate login and access the various functions of this software to be effective in their PR efforts for our division.
    • They are able to pull monthly coverage reports (executive and news reports) for our divisional executives, build media and analyst lists for outreach, research editorial opportunities and track daily media coverage.

    Cons :

    • I dislike that for our industry; a lot of our coverage and media placements have to be entered manually. I have asked the support team at Cision to please help us to make adjustments to our account to alleviate this issue, but it seems to be ongoing. When this occurs, I have to ask our PR firm to enter our coverage manually and this unfortunately causes a lack of accuracy when trying to determine the actual publicity value.

    • April 16, 2016
  • User review from

    Ariane Sedghi

    Overall, Cision does a great job of providing the tools and functions that allow me to search and develop a diverse portfolio of media contacts.

    Pros :

    • One very impressive aspect of Cision is its inclusion of a variety of more obscure media sources, such as blogs, that are more under the radar but still valuable and widely known in specific industries (such as travel and food which is directly related to my company).
    • Some other similar software (like meltwater) wouldn't pick up these sources.
    • Also, Cision allows you to tailor your search very specifically based on some criteria (geographic location, category, source type) which makes finding exactly the types of contacts you need so much easier.
    • You can even add multiple locations and categories to diversify and broaden the search.
    • I also like the function that allows you to export your lists to excel with all the contact information organized into a grid.

    Cons :

    • The only criticism I have would be that I feel like the advanced search needs to have more category options.
    • My company specifically focuses on restaurants and travel and I feel with the present categories they provide don't cover everything that might be about our business.

    • February 11, 2016
  • User review from

    Christina Alvarez

    Although it's not perfect, Cision is one of the easiest to use media databases. Most of its contacts are up-to-date, and it's significantly more user-friendly when compared to its competitors.

    Pros :

    Cision’s database really is quite extensive. Its search capabilities allow you to easily target the appropriate journalist and outlet. In addition to creating lists, it allows you to monitor for coverage, search editorial calendars, easily find contact information and distribute press releases to targeted lists. It also allows you to see who has opened the email or who has opted out. The Premium Profile feature provides additional information about a particular media contact. Often, the Premium Profile includes a direct quote from the journalist stating what PR practices annoy them and their preferred method of contact and an exact time when you should reach out. Cision also includes the advertising rate for many publications, making it easy to provide the advertising equivalency for a piece of coverage. It also makes you add your own media contacts and contact information to the database.

    Cons :

    There are often several errors or glitches that can be very frustrating, especially when you’re building a list and are forced to start back from square one. The filtering feature is limited because you can only include or exclude one filter at a time. There are also extra, unnecessary steps. For example, after searching, you have to save it as a list before you can remove options. It would also be highly useful if Cision allowed you to upload changes to a list via Excel. Although you can export a list into Excel from Cision, you cannot import that list back into Cision, forcing you to make edits to both lists. It also doesn’t have every single email address/phone number. Often, I’ve conducted a quick Google search and found the information I needed that wasn’t available in Cision.

    • October 8, 2015
  • User review from

    Jess Messenger

    Cision saves time because it saves all of your contacts and publications in lists that you create. We separate them by key factors such as clients, industries, locations, etc. so that we always know where to find them. It is also helpful that Cision provides contact information for the personnel in the system as well as outlet information. Our clients ask for descriptions of the outlets, as well as the number of print subscribers and monthly website visitors so it is great to have this information on hand.

    Pros : Cision makes it very easy to send out press releases and other announcements to a select group of contacts. It's also very easy to train new employees to use the system because it is intuitive and allows users to search according to geography, a contact's name, outlet, focus, title, etc. I like that I can easily find my lists and look back at previous distributions. I like that Cision provides a support team so that I can call them with any questions or problems that I may have.

    Cons : I don't like that if you accidentally make an error while saving a list, there is no way to go back and edit the list to a previous version. This makes it difficult if you or a colleague make an error within a list or delete a list by accident. I also wish it was easier to add contacts once you are in the process of sending out a distribution. Cision requires you to know the exact spelling of the person's name in order to search for them if you want to add someone last minute who is not currently in your list. Cision is sometimes picky in the way that you use the search function. For instance, if a magazine has & in the title, Cision will not always find it if you spell out 'and'. Having to know the exact title makes the search process a bit more cumbersome.

    • September 10, 2015
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