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  • Excellent program

    I am highly satisfied with this outstanding application, I had no problem with it!

    Pros : When I had a problem, I just wrote to the facebook team and they always responded in a short time.

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    Antavo - Piece of Crap!

    Antavo - What should I say? I'am horribly disappointed. I'am on the expert plan trial (2nd day). Have set up a photo contest. My problems with Antavo are as follows: 1) The Antavo dashboard doest load at all on phones. So, you cannot manage your campaign on the move. Better carry your desktop or laptop with you wherever you go. 2) In the "photo contest" app, the "upload file" link does not trigger anything on Android devices. It's a dead link. Nothing happens! I ran the photo contest for 2 days just to see there were no participants. It works on the microsite though. Also works on laptop and iOS. 3) On the website they mentioned about "email+phone support" for the "Expert" plan. But I do not find any contact number anywhere. 4) So, the phone support is available only when the trial is over and once you pay?? What's the point of free trial at the first place? HORRIBLE!!

    Pros : 1) Good email options 2) Customization of the contest pages is pretty simple 3) The mechanism and rule settings is nice.

    Cons : 1) Antavo dashboard doesn't load on mobile devices, so forget about campaign management on hand-held devices. 2) Lots of bugs: Upoad file doesnt work when users try uploading pictures from their Android devices. Not sure about Windows and Blackberry. But this sucks when you are paying $249 / Month. 3) Pricing page says "phone support" available. But no phone number is available anywhere on the site or emails. 4) According to some reviews I've read online, the phone support is available after the

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    The software is ok but there were some bugs.

    I sent an email about some issues and to notify them of some bugs... then a second email. Finally received a response "we'll research it and get back to you"... never heard back. The Bad: - Aweber contacts need to be manually synced. This is a problem if you ask people to watch for our confirmation email. - Took a very long time to load - Links on Facebook did not work properly when used with mobile devices. The app did not redirect if it recognized a mobile device. Towards the end of the trial, they may have fixed this. - Dashboard won't display properly on mobile devices (no mobile version). I use Shortstack today. It is more difficult to master, but is also much more powerful. Shortstack lacks in offering a link that I can send to customers via email. Their referral popup is lacking and there are no controls for it. I like that I can create actions that show or hide content. Definitely seems to be much more developed. I also tried Contest Domination. After spending a considerable amount of time creating the promotion, I tested it only to learn that it was crap.

    Pros : Easy to setup

    Cons : I primarily gave it a one star because there was no support... but there were a handful of marketing related emails.

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  • Antavo is an excellent tool, affordable, easy to use for most people without technical knowledge, and developed with the goal of managing typical user behaviours on Social Media. It also offers a free trial that, although has a duration of just 7 days, it should be time enough to play around and understand all the potential this tool has to offer.

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  • Antavo charges users based on the number of leads they generate through their promotions, so there's no chance that a deal that you run through Antavo won't pay off in one form or another.

    What we liked:

    Marketers pay Antavo based on how well their promotions perform
    Antavo provides businesses with plenty of data and analytics
    Businesses can edit promotions while they’re running
    Marketers can easily re-run promotions that have worked well in the past

    What we didn’t like:

    Businesses have to deal with seeing Antavo branding on their campaigns unless they sign up for a white-label plan

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