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  • Excellent way to get your customers and fans to grow your business

    Ambassador provides all of the tools and automations necessary to get your customers and fans to work for you. The marketing concept of this is great, but trying to do the tasks that this software provides separately would be time consuming and expensive. Ambassador manages these tasks (e.g. ambassador on-boarding, communications, etc.) to make it simple and easy to run your referral marketing program with ease. Lastly, they provide excellent support on the product and are willing to go the extra mile in assuring that you use the system properly to see results.

    Pros : I love how the system handles referral commission payouts. This is one of the key aspects that allows you to scale your program without having to continually hire staff to manage it. I also love how you can manage communication between you and your ambassadors. Having this all in one system makes it feasible for someone to manage.

    Cons : The software is priced at a premium and the percentage referral commission share is the only drawback I see at the current time. I wouldn't mind paying a larger monthly fee, versus annual subscription, for the plans that remove the referral commission share. Maybe even a lighter version would help, especially for start-ups that don't have too much cash to play with.

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    Great Addition to an Awesome Platform

    We use Ambassador (GetAmbassador.com) to manage our referral program and it practically runs itself! Major time saver and revenue producer. Now with the SFDC app, we can save even more time adding people to the ambassador program with a single click. Nice addition... easy setup and install.

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    I Finally Found What I Was Looking For With Ambassador

    I spent months testing and searching referral programs before finally finding GetAmbassador. It's by far the most comprehensive and customizable platform with an open API that gave my developers a hassle free way to integrate a top-tier rewards experience into our website. Without it, I was probably going to spend months of time and money building one from scratch. I can't thank GetAmbassador enough for creating such a simple tool that provides our customers with irreplaceable experience!

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  • The utility of Ambassador lies in its ability to simplify your online marketing to clicks. That, in itself, is reason enough for you to invest in the solution.

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