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Finding the Right Email Marketing Software

Even today, with everything from social media to mobile devices available, some of the most profitable marketing campaigns belong to those that make use of email. If your company has neglected the use of email for marketing purposes, you may be missing out on some easy wins. However, without the right software helping, you can never really say you gave email marketing your best shot. With so many options out there, though, it would also be easy to think email marketing failed simply because you didn’t have the right software working for you. Below is some more information about this type of software and what you should look for to ensure your marketing efforts aren’t wasted.

What Is Email Marketing Software?

First, if you’re new to the concept, email marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It simply refers to marketing through email. That being said, there are a number of ways to use email for this purpose. It also wasn’t too long ago that email marketing was the most popular online version there was. While other forms have provided it with plenty of competition, email marketing is still an important option to consider.
Unless you want to email your market one potential customer at a time, software is a necessity. Even if you could pull off this feat, you’d have a sizeable challenge in trying to make the most out of the responses.
Email marketing software makes it easy to create one email and then upload a group of recipients from a list (you may have your own list of customers or you can actually buy or rent lists of people who fall into your demographic). However, many versions will also make it easy to divide up that list so one portion gets a certain message, another gets a different one, etc. In this way, you can send out messages optimized for specific markets within your demographic.
Speaking of specificity, email marketing also makes it possible to address your messages to each recipient by name, which his often a nice way of producing rapport right off the bat.
Like any good form of marketing software, this type also comes with plenty of reporting. Obviously, you want to know if people are actually opening your emails. You also want to know how many are responding, clicking through a link, etc. Email marketing software can make this all possible. Other important factors—unique to emails—can include things like how many people forward the email, shared it on social media and more.
So, as you can see, while email marketing may still be a good idea, trying to do it without software on your side is a tall order. It would be like trying to write a newsletter by hand and hoping people respond as opposed to having a machine handle its creation and finding out for sure if recipients actually acted on the information.

Five Things to Look for in Email Marketing Software

There are countless versions of email marketing software out there. Many are even free, though you can probably guess how much of your time those versions are worth.
First, no one is going to read your email if it looks like some boilerplate attempt. Long before they read it, the design may give you away. So you want email marketing software that will allow you to create and design a message and appearance that will be unique to your company. This way you’re also able to create emails for your specific market.
As we touched on earlier, you should only go with software that also lets you customize whom you’re sending your message to. Chances are, you have a few different demographics, and the message you send to one wouldn’t apply to another.
Third, integration is essential. You want your emails to be able to link to PayPal, Facebook, etc. and work with any CRM and other platforms your company may use.
Fourth, and another area we mentioned earlier, is analytics. Secure as many as you can afford. There’s no such thing in the digital age as too much reporting. If you don’t know how people are reacting to your messages, you can’t optimize them.
Lastly, put a premium on usability. At the end of the day, you’re still just writing an email and this is a process that should never be challenging. If software is making it that way, you’re better off without it.
Don’t give up on email marketing until you’ve invested in software built to support it. Keep the above in mind and you may be surprised by your results.

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