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Contests and Sweepstakes

Everyone loves entering a sweepstakes if it means the chance of possibly winning something really great. That being said, it’s important to think about how contests and sweepstakes can actually be of benefit to your company too. With the right software on your side, you can not only leverage contests and sweepstakes for profitable ends, you can optimize the results you receive as well.

What Is Contest and Sweepstake Software?

Contests and sweepstakes are nothing new for companies. Businesses have been holding both for years as a means of increasing public interest in their products or services. There are many ways this can work, of course. “One lucky customer will win…” may be one of the most popular phrases in all of marketing.

With the onset of the digital age, though, most of the ways companies used to do business had to be updated and this included something like throwing a contest or putting together a sweepstakes. As such, software has been invented to make this easier for businesses to do.

There are almost as many kinds of this type of software as there are contests or sweepstakes. Social media has also changed how many of these types of software work.

Does Your Business Need Contest and Sweepstakes Software?

Although everyone likes a contest, not every company may feel as though this type of strategy is for them. Obviously, they would then have no need for software that helps put one on either.

However, so long as it wouldn’t be considered inappropriate for the type of service or product you have to offer, it’s at least worth considering how this approach could benefit your business. 

For one thing, if your business is brand new, contests are a great way to convince your market to engage with your early on. Even if these potential customers are nowhere near to converting, putting on a sweepstakes can earn you a spot in their mind, so they’ll remember you next time they do need your product or service.

Social media has managed to make contests more potent than ever before though. Instead of trying to engage as many people as possible, you can see huge results from key people sharing their participation with others. Chances are you’ve already seen something like this where a person has “liked”, “shared”, “retweeted”, etc. a message from a company because it entered them into some kind of drawing.

With such large numbers of people participating, though, these contests could be too much for a company to handle. You might find that you need to divert important employees just for tracking the progress of your sweepstakes, ensuring people are participating correctly and picking a winner. In the end, it may hardly be worth it.

Using contest and sweepstakes software, though, you can get all the benefits from this strategy, with far less of the burden.

Three Things to Look for in Your Contests and Sweepstakes Software

Let’s now identify some of the most important factors you want to find in contest and sweepstakes software before investing any of your time or money.


Getting people excited about what your company can do is great. Like we mentioned above, it’s one of the main reasons to throw a contest or sweepstakes in the first place. That being said, the Internet allows for this excitement to mean real data too. Ideally, you want your contest software to be a tool for telling you about your company’s market too. This way, they walk away with some new knowledge regarding your products and services and you have a better idea of how to market to them.

User Friendly

To some degree, how user friendly your contest is will depend on the type of contest you decide to put on. That being said, you should expect that any contest or sweepstakes software you use will make it as easy as possible for you to execute most ideas.  

However, the software should also make it easy to design and throw a contest that your participants can share with others. Like we mentioned earlier, with social media, getting people to tell others about a contest is half the reason to throw it in the first place.


You can’t underestimate something like experience when it comes to the companies you do business with, especially where software is concerned. However, with throwing contests, this is even more important because the last thing you want is for something so public to backfire. The longer a software company has been working with contests and sweepstakes, the better off you’ll most likely be.

There are too many possibilities to list when it comes to contests and sweepstakes. Depending on your company and its market, there are a number of ways you could use these options. Just be sure you also leverage software for this purpose or you’ll probably be sacrificing results.


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