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If you’re hoping to make the most out of your online presence for commercial purposes, you may have a product or service you wish to sell. However, lacking those—or simply hoping to make as much revenue as possible—it makes sense to cultivate your site’s commercial space. Ad networks can be an absolutely central part of such a campaign so long as you properly understand them and use the right options.

What Are Ad Networks?

To put it simply, an ad network refers to a company that brokers business relationships between advertisers and those who own websites and want to host ads. The main service an ad network provides is aggregating space for advertisements and then matching those opportunities with advertiser demand.

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a good chance that your website contains free space where you aren’t placing anything at the moment. If you get decent traffic to your site, though, it might make a lot of sense to place advertisements there for other companies and charge for the “real estate.”

You could try and find advertisers on your own. This would also mean handling the negotiations for prices too, which means you have to understand how much your space is actually worth.

With an ad network, though, these matters are streamlined for you. The company already has a list of potential advertisers. They will match you with those who can afford your pricing (which they’ll help you establish, based on their experience) and, at the same time, those who will do best in your space—as they want the advertisers to succeed as well.

Using an ad network basically means that all you have to do is bring your free web space to this business and they’ll handle the rest.

Keep in mind, too, that ad networks work both ways. If your company could use help extending their reach, an ad network may be just the ticket. With their connections, they can have your ads running in countless websites almost as soon as you sign up for their services.

Could Your Business Use an Ad Network?

There are a few matters to think about before you go ahead and sign up with an ad network. Though the above description may have made it sound like they’re pretty great, they may not make sense for every company.

First, you need to look at your website and see if there is actually enough room available to place advertisements. You don’t necessarily need enough room for a banner ad, but if there’s no real free space at all, it’s unlikely many companies will want to advertise with you. Furthermore, even if they do, without a lot of room to provide them with, you may not make enough money to justify it.

Secondly, you should think about what the overall theme is of your website. With many sites, running advertisements may just be inappropriate. For example, if you run a mortuary, having a website covered in adds probably gives off the wrong impression. Likewise, if you’re running a blog about personal finances aimed at helping people get out of debt, it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to have ads for things like cars and other luxury items.

The good news is that ad networks can help in both these areas. Their experience in the market means they’ll know right off the bat if your website makes sense for their prospective advertisers. They also won’t pair you with any companies whose ads would contradict your own business goals.

Like we mentioned, your company may also want to sign up for an ad network if it needs help extending its reach. Instead of negotiating contracts and looking for space on your own, have a professional network do it for you.

Three Things to Consider When Choosing an Ad Network

First, you need to have some idea of where your company’s ads will be running. Blind networks may give you a better deal but also not tell you where your advertisements will show up, so this is a cost you’ll have to consider. On the other hand, if your company is the one hosting, you’ll also have to know which ads are going to show up.

Secondly, what kind of reach can a company actually offer you? An ad network should be able to show you how many people your ads have a chance of hitting based on their overall reach. Likewise, if you’re handing over site space, you should look into how much revenue they can really plan on providing.

Thirdly, customer feedback is great to have, but difficult in this industry. There is no way to track renewal rates, for example. You’ll simply have to put in the time to research how various customers ranked ad networks you’re considering.

Making greater revenues online doesn’t have to be a challenge you take on by yourself. Instead, use an ad network to connect you with those who can help you build a profit.


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