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  • why didn't we start using it earlier

    After calling Salesforce to see if it were right for our CRM, I found myself mostly confused even though we have technical computer skills. I remember asking on the phone something to the effect of 'isn't there a form creator that allows us to put things online, feed them into databases, and link our data across sheets that is drag-and-click easy?' They then gave me a list of engineers and told me it would take six months to build. I then found Zengine by Googling terms like DIY drag and click CRM. I had the whole system set up in two days, and then over a month we migrated our data. Even though we are a small firm, we all share data so much more easily than we ever did before. Three staff members have actually said "I love Zengine" in messages or e-mails -- who loves a CRM? Moreover, I feel completely in control of data flow. If permissions need changing, it takes seconds to add, promote or remove. Our website connects to our intake to our client records to our notes and work records seamlessly, it all makes sense, and is exactly what we want. If a bug or concerns arises, I text and get a response same day -- sometimes even a call. Zengine is fueling us forward and is the industry standard. It is so easy to customize and robust it makes you wonder why you'd use anything else. I am not a gusher, and it is certainly odd that I am lauding our CRM so strongly, but Zengine deserves it.

    Pros : Super easy to customize, extremely thorough and rapid customer service, very easy to develop. Can be whatever you need it to be.

    Cons : I wish it had a mobile app so I could access data anywhere at anytime, but I guess I sound like the business owner when I say that.

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    Superbly Easy Database

    I needed a small database, with 250-400 records but with a lot of columns. This database is being used for research purposes on a personal project. This database worked like a dream. Creating and modifying the form/template for data entry is a piece of cake. The usual database capabilities such as creating Views, and selecting data worked like a charm. I highly recommend this database for small individual projects.

    Pros : Easy to create the form. Easy to modify the form/template. Easy to edit the fields. Easy to work with views. Easy to customize its appearance.

    Cons : I've found no cons in my experience.

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    Perfect Hosted Database Management Solution

    We spent several weeks researching database management solutions, and left a lot of messages for companies that would call us back with cookie-cutter pitches; then I was introduced to Pete from Zengine. I was struck by two things after talking with him: He was very knowledgeable and passionate about Zengine, and he was genuinely interested in helping us figure out how to increase efficiency in Ascent Real Estate Solution´?¢s business model. After signing on with Zengine, I was impressed by how easy it was to begin setting up templates to handle Ascent´?¢s needs; though I still had a lot of questions that needed answers before my plans came together. So to help me out, the team at Zengine set aside time on multiple occasions for my Q&A sessions, and I cannot thank them enough for that assistance. Now the only thing I feel limiting my potential with Zengine´?¢s app is my own creativity. Though it can take a new user a while to learn the ins and outs, there is not much stress overall thanks to the helpfulness of the people at Zengine, and the relatively user-friendly way the app is laid out.

    Pros : ´?¢ Easy to build custom workspaces that allow for quick integration into existing business processes. ´?¢ No programming experience necessary to start and build out a fully-functioning, hosted data-management system. ´?¢ Great customer service.

    Cons : ´?¢ The learning curve for first-time users can be daunting, but once you are familiar with the system, knowing where and what the various options are and can do, it becomes manageable and fun to build with.

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  • It’s very early days for Zengine, but the direction they are taking for the platform is promising. Zengine is clearly a strong entrant to the marketplace of products like Podio and Smartsheet, both of which have been successful, but neither of which have become a dominant force.

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