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  • Product Doesn't Work

    This product is a great idea. I have a website where I manage my business, but must manually enter time sheets, etc. into QuickBooks. I have built a time sheet module, but have no way to get the data from the website into QuickBooks. Found Zed Axis by searching the web, saw the videos, great IDEA!!! I can use excel to import and export data from my website into QuickBooks. My problems are over!!! Downloaded the trial version, installed, connect to QuickBooks, tried to do some exports of invoices, timetracking, bills, etc. and the software would not create the excel files. Hmm! Maybe the trial version will not allow me to create the EXCEL files. So, I purchase the software, installed the key and tried again. Nope didn't work.

    Pros : Don't know yet. It doesn't work. Waste of money.

    Cons : By contact support, I found out the following: * If you have Office 365, the export to EXCEL will not work. * So, you must export to a text file. Okay, tried this and... * Importing the text files into EXCEL doesn't work if you have items with multi-line descriptions. You must manually edit the file to put the data in its proper columns. Tedious and long. * Adding a Delimiter will solve this problem. You can't add a delimiter to the text export. It uses space or tabs only. * Get error

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    Amazing support for amazing app

    As a new user I find the software itself extremely easy and it takes hours and hours of data entry off my hands. It imports all data to quickbooks effortlessly and accurately! Now for the support... I have never received such amazingly fast and helpful support from any other software ever and I mean ever!!!! Wish I had purchased this before, but so glad I did now. I am actually shocked that the pricing is so low.

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    QuickBooks Data Import Made Easy

    While implementing a complex technology project for our non-profit organization earlier this year, we hit a dead end when an advertised "QuickBooks integration" turned out to be anything but. After discussing our needs with other non-profit technology professionals and consultants we had a short list of expensive options to import a flat file of relational donation data into QuickBooks as Sales Receipts. Thankfully our research led us to the Zed Axis Importer. The staff was quick to respond to my many questions from the start. The tool has proven its worth one hundred fold, saving us hours of data entry and providing me piece of mind. I would, without reservation, recommend this tool to anyone who needs to import relational data into QuickBooks.

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