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TryMyUI is a remote usability testing tool that captures the "voice of the customer" via a video recording of users testing a designated website. As users navigate a website, they "think aloud," verbalizing their thoughts as they complete the tasks posed by the researcher. The narrated video captures the user's screen, mouse movements, and keystrokes. Users also provide written answers to survey questions posed by the researcher. For the researcher, the setup process is simple. The researcher creates a user scenario and tasks to be performed by the tester and selects the target audience demographics. TryMyUI handles the rest and, within an hour or so, delivers the narrated videos of Mechanical Turk Workers performing the specified tasks. 

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Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Narrated Video
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  • 10 free credits every month
  • Unlimited testing with your own users for one month
  • UX Diagnostics
  • System Usability Scale
  • Single-Ease Questions
  • Crowdsourced usability analysis with the UXCrowd
  • Test video downloading in mp4 format
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    James McQuillin

    My experience with TryMyUI was what one might call less than stellar. I was first turned off with their pricing pitch advertising a free option which first off sounds fishy because how would you go and hire people to test your site from a business (who needs to profit) for free!? andnbsp;Directly below free it says $35 per test. Okay, I'm confused. andnbsp;Well, you can essentially use their platform for free if you have your own reviewers. I don't have my own, that's what I'm on your site!andnbsp;

    Ok, that aside, even $35 per test compared to $49 on most other sites I researched... this seems like a good deal. The interface to design my test felt unnatural for how I would personally design it. andnbsp;This created some dissonance in the experience right away, but I made it through. Last but not least, the biggest let down in my TryMyUI experience was the actual videos I got. andnbsp;20 minutes was great... except 10-15 minutes were wasted time because two users didn't follow directions properly. Where do these testers come from? No thanks, I'm out!

    Pros :

    • Competitive pricing on a per test basis is perhaps their best selling point.
    • The test designer as a stand alone was perhaps not as bad as I make it seem since I had already written out my instructions separately, but then had to mould it into their structure instead of a simply copy / paste.
    • Overall, the website itself felt mediocre at best in terms of visual appeal, overall feel while navigating, etc.

    Cons :

    • As mentioned, the biggest con in my particular experience was the actual people hired to record themselves "following instructions" and testing particular tasks on my website.
    • I loved the fact that videos are up to 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes, but if 75% of it is wasted time, it's useless to me.
    • I felt like I wasted my time with TryMyUI but due mostly to the testers they allow in.
    • Maybe I had someone completely new, but there were no technical difficulties, simply users who struggled to read and follow directions.

    • May 11, 2016
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