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  • Samanage provides the best work flow for IT Help Desk Management

    Before Samanage our organization was using a tool that was more tailored to Developer work flow and bug fixes. When we deployed Samanage, we immediately have better visibility of deployed resources and better communication with end users with their help desk tickets.

    Pros : Pros certainly include the ease of use. We can immediately track ticket work flow and communications.

    Cons : Besides that our end users quickly adopted it and were quick to submit tickets? Maybe that should go in the Pros section!

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    Samanage is awesome

    Samanage is great for asset management, service desk use and benchmarking.

    Pros : Asset management and service desk/catalogue.

    Cons : None to note so far, Samanage constantly work with their community to add functionality where they see fit.

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    3 Months into our Samanage install

    We moved from Fogbugz, which was used primarily by our developers, to Samanage 3 months ago. We reached many limitations with Fogbugz from a reporting and support perspective and there was no way to track assets with it so we need to move on to a different solution. We are a 450 eCommerce company with a team of 5 support techs.

    Pros : So far so good with Samanage! We have been getting tickets in like crazy and the end users are loving the portal. The asset management portion is working well on it's own. We haven't tweaked with it yet. It was easy to deploy the utility via GPO though. We have been working on work flows and categories lately to help with the service desk and reporting. Samanage Stars is Fun!!

    Cons : Would love the iPhone app! I know they are working diligently to get that out to their customers. The only complaint we have so far is that it appears you need to manually manipulate the asset data after it is pulled with Owner authors, locations and company asset tags. It would be helpful to know where each field is pulling info from so that we could map it accordingly. Other than that, Samanage has been a great solution and their support has been spot on.

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  • Try it youll like it

    Samanage Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe are using Samanage across both IT and Maintenance.  It allows us to keep tighter controls on the issues we have at 35 sites across the city.

    Pros : The resolution options are great, we can review them easily to see how other issues have been resolving.Allows us to report on the efficiency of the technicians and the speed at which jobs are being completed.The dashboard allows us to continually monitor all inventory and contracts.

    Cons : The need a mobile app. The current way of using it on a phone is not well done. It's very difficult to use the drop down lists.The work orders that are continuous continue to be difficult to automatically trigger.

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    The best ITSM solution I have ever used!

    Samanage Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe are using Samanage within our organization for our internal IT support across several sites around the world. Samanage has helped us to boost our productivity by organising and structuring our workflow. It has also helped us to keep track of various performance metrics, for example customer satisfaction and how quickly we respond to requests.

    Pros : Samanage provide excellent customer service, which is both friendly and prompt.The Samanage app is highly customisable, and can be adjusted to how we want it to be.The Samanage app is very easy to use; it only took us around half an hour to get to grips with the basics!

    Cons : One of the things that we would like to see in Samanage is the option for tickets to change their statuses once they are updated. This would be very helpful for keeping track of the current status of our tickets.

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    Samanage Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe are using Samanage across the organization to log and work IT Requests.  All of our users are encouraged to log requests for assistance within the system and we (IT) will work through these requests.

    Pros : Very easy to useSimple interface that is very fastCost Effective

    Cons : Email Notifications - Ability to customize messagesGeneral Notifications - Ability to limit by group

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  • Samanage IT Service Desk is a cloud-based IT service desk and asset management ideal for software companies that seek to keep a tighter tab on both their customer support and IT assets to ensure a smooth business. Whether a startup or large vendor, users will find Samanage IT Service Desk a convenient and user-friendly unified service to manage their support and assets.

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  • I am really impressed with Samanage, they have a great product with unique features. Usability is supereb and design is pleasant to the eyes. If you are looking for a Service Desk, give Samanage a chance with a 14 days trial, just to see what a great Service Desk looks like.

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  • Samanage offer a SMB focussed ITSM solution that looks to be easy to implement and develop and, according to the vendor, has been used by several organisations for functionality beyond IT. We believe that Samanage is a good competitively priced option for small-to-medium sized looking for general ITSM capabilities.

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  • All in all, Samanage brings together everything you might need in order to run an IT service desk, complete with ticket and asset management, email service and remote support capabilities. In addition, the fact that it runs almost entirely on the cloud makes it easy to maintain and integrate with your company network.

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  • What do you like best?

    When our IT department first implemented Samanage over a year ago, we had to adapt it to our style. We were able to do this without any issues. Since then, there have been too many added features that meet our needs to count.

    What do you dislike?

    We really have not ran into any problems with Samage. The feature set is comprehensive and meets both IT Help Desk and Asset Management requirements. It includes ticketing, reporting, software audits, risk assessments, MDM and more.

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