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OneSaas connects your business apps so they automatically share data - including accounting, eCommerce, CRM, billing & invoicing, fulfillment and email marketing apps. With OneSaas you'll eliminate manual data entry, saving you time and money.

OneSaas offers an integration solution which allows you to synchronize your data across each cloud application you use. It’s never been easier to synchronize your contacts, your sales orders or billing and invoicing information. OneSaas connects over 50 cloud applications so you can easily find the application you use and set up an integration. There's no need to download excel spreadsheets or match up CSV files.

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Plans & Pricing


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Automated accounting and fulfillment for low-volume sellers
  • 1 accounting app
  • 2 ecommerce or billingandinvoicing apps
  • 1 fulfillment app
  • 300 transactions per month
  • Daily sync
  • Email (response within 24 business hours)
  • Live chat
  • Optional: Setup assistance phone call USD$ 99


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Automated accounting and fulfillment for sellers with several stores
  • 1 accounting app
  • 5 ecommerce, CRM, or billingandinvoicing apps
  • 2 fulfillment apps
  • 1 email marketing app
  • 600 transactions per month
  • Up to 12 months historical data (when you pay annually)
  • Hourly sync
  • Email (response within 8 business hours)
  • Live chat
  • Optional: Setup assistance phone call USD$ 69


for 1 Hour / 1 user(s)


  • Automated accounting and fulfillment for high-volume sellers with multiple stores
  • 1 accounting app
  • Unlimited ecommerce, CRM, or billingandinvoicing apps
  • Unlimited fulfillment apps
  • Unlimited email marketing apps
  • Unlimited transactions per month
  • Up to 12 months historical data (when you pay annually)
  • Hourly sync
  • Email (response within 2 business hours)
  • Live chat
  • Free setup assistance phone call
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    Mark Burdon

    I used OneSaaS to provide an integration between Quickbooks and the invoicing app I was using, Freshbooks. There are many cloud based accounting, e-commerce, and invoicing apps which OneSaaS works with, and there are plugins which makes sure the interface is easy to set up and secure. The pricing for OneSaaS is a little pretty steep, but it does save a lot of time rekeying data into multiple systems. If avoidance of data entry is your goal, OneSaaS is a reliable option to connect accounting apps with invoicing, e-commerce, logistics and CRM. You likely will want a least three apps out of these options to make the investment worthwhile, thought OneSaaS has integration with many of the leading online systems in these spaces. Integrated apps are a common goal for many businesses of all sizes, OneSaaS is one great option which makes it easier.

    Pros : - Fairly easy to set up supported connections, and once they are, the automation maintains itself - Lots of variety for ecommerce apps and a few of the most popular accounting, CRM and invoicing systems. - 7 day free trial gives small businesses options for establishing your connections, testing them to make sure they work, and for making adjustments - Integrations covers core business functions such as accounting, sales, customer service, invoicing, time tracking, shipping and e-mail marketing. Eliminates the need to make multiple contact information updates or transaction recording to multiple systems - Increases accuracy of record keeping, reduced opportunity for error - Multiple subscription tiers for varying transaction volumes and number of app integrations

    Cons : - Limited options for CRM, accounting and invoicing - Pricing is somewhat high, considering monthly subscription of basic plan is three times that of QuickBooks Online. The pricing tiers help to contain costs based on transaction volume and the number of integrated business apps you're running - Compared to other similar services in the market like Zapier, the number of apps overall is limited. OneSaaS More business-related apps than e-mail, and doesn't have specific business function "recipes" like other web services though. (This could be a pro or a con).

    • September 7, 2015
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