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  • ManageEngine Service Desk is branded as one of the top help desk applications today and the tons of benefits that stem from using their system are more than indication why many businesses and organizations choose ManageEngine Service Desk over the competition.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Exactly as they advertise. Big 4's are a pain.

    We used ServiceDesk in the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that I worked for. We nearly lost hope in finding good helpdesk software with ITIL compliance. We even considered building a home-made application. For two years, BMC Remedy gave us a hard time from a usability and performance perspective, in addition to their highly priced customization bills. Until, one day, a decent consultant forwarded a link to ServiceDesk Plus. ServiceDesk Plus breaks the myth that 'java server applications are slow' and really shows that a high quality product with good efficiency and performance can be built using Java. It's all up to the engineers (and when it's slow, its all their fault). One thing I learned from ServiceDesk; don't blindly trust Gartner reports when searching for good software. At the time of searching, Gartner Quarterly reports listed BMC at the top with no mention whatsoever of ServiceDesk Plus. I'm not blaming Gartner for corrupt information, I'm sure they have their criteria in place, but at the end, they're humans, they have their mistakes, biases, misinformation, etc.

    Pros : 1. Light-weight and highly responsive. Intuitive interface. 2. Wonderful 'Solutions Knowledge Base' side feature based on articles and with an excellent search functionality. (We no longer use Media Wiki, however I'm doubtful about dropping MediaWiki). 3. The ServiceDesk API gives you unlimited abilities to automate and integrate with other applications. For example, we were able to integrate Nagios Network Monitoring tool so that a high priority alarm could automatically open a ticket on Servic

    Cons : Nothing major, but would like to see improvements in the following areas: 1. Provide a visual view of all entities in the system. Virtual Machines, Routers, Physical Servers, etc. using graphing tools. 2. Provide a searchable menu. For example, if I type "LDAP Authentication" this would show me the "Domain Controllers" in the setup menu (Similar to CPanel's menu search feature). 3. More help notes & tips on 'what to do next' and on 'keyboard shortcuts'.

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    Smart and easy solution

    This is a web based IT management software which helps you to manage your IT effectively. I use it to track different software licenses, the software shows you as well the number of times that one software has been installed. The tool gives you enough flexibility to choose the deployment model that fits to your business needs. Very positive is that ManageEngine is completely customizable and easy to implement, no add-ons are needed.

    Pros : Very flexible and easy to implement

    Cons : The standard version is good enough for SMBs, for larger enterprises you need the professional or enterprise edition

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  • ManageEngine supplies plenty of integration methods into the tool, offering a complementary set of products to make that process easier, although they also recognise a need to have open integration methods between ITSM tools. They do include some Project Management tracking capability as an additional layer to their offering.

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  • If you have ManageEngine Desktop Central installed, you can integrate it with ServiceDesk Plus, that means that you can deploy software, patches, chat... from within ServiceDesk Plus and that is a great plus. I have only noticed that feature when configuring ServiceDesk Plus and I got really excited as this saved a lot of our work.

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  • [I] Have been using Service Desk Plus tool for 4 years and found it as one of the best user friendly tool especially from an end user prospective. Any level of user can easily log a request without any initial training. I would recommend this software to any one who is planing to switch to new tool or planning to have service Desk in place.

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  • ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus helps companies track everything in their organization, from communications to purchase orders. ManageEngine’s help desk software has the functionality to dramatically increase efficiency and productivity within a company. It is the “smarter alternative,” as ManageEngine claims, to traditional software.

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