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  • Outstanding; Highly Recommended.

    Our use case is centered on routers, switches, wlan and other infrastructure hardware components of the service-delivery stack as opposed to servers, applications, etc. Based on LogicMonitor's performance to-date, I would fully expect that we will expand its role. In selecting LogicMonitor, we heavily weighted factors related to administrative overhead and convenience. On both counts LogicMonitor gets the highest marks: 1)We no longer spend time installing a bloated monitoring application on a server (physical or otherwise) or fighting to upgrade any part of the application's components. 2)We no longer spend time sustaining remote access mechanisms that make it cumbersome to view our monitoring data...wherever and whenever that data is needed, a browser is all that is required. I highly recommend LogicMonitor as a source of powerful and valuable insight that can be leveraged to maximize the ROI of your IT service-delivery stack.

    Pros : -Relatively low-effort administration -Exceptionally convenient -Extensive "Out-of-Box" definitions supporting a wide range of vendor product families -Well-thought UI -Time spent with LogicMonitor is time learning about the status of your IT Operations, not time spent fighting with a balky, uncooperative monitoring application

    Cons : -Not every organization is ready, willing and/or able to transition from CAPEX thinking to the OPEX-centered SaaS world. -Works best for locations with multiple Internet connections, since loss of Internet connectivity prevents the uploading of collected data to LogicMonitor's cloud processing: there is no local UI. -Not suitable if your use case demands absolute (immediate ms-by-ms) real-time visibility: there is some latency involved in transmitting collected data to the cloud for processing a

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    Great Product!

    I work for a company that´?¢s split into 10 branch locations. We have only around three IT employees for our company. We decided to look for a networking monitoring program since we are growing quickly and we need a program to provide the health status of our network in a moments notice to find problems, also to help prevent them. We spent a lot of time researching into numerous products, and we decided to go with LogicMonitor. Where there was once darkness, there is now light! We currently also set up three 48 inch TV´?¢s with chrome OS micro pc´?¢s behind the TV´?¢s for our datacenter. It nicely rotates through all of our monitored devices. Overall it has provided invaluable information to us, is priced competitively, very easily setup, and it does its job well. What more can you ask for in regards to a Network Monitoring solution?

    Pros : ´?¢ Pricing Structure. You pay per device, not per switch port, etc. like other expensive products out there ´?¢ It works for a small company, but can easily scale to meet the needs for even a ginormous company. ´?¢ Support has been fantastic in helping us get things going, we were up and going within a day (vital for our already busy IT staff) ´?¢ We can now receive phone calls, text messages, and e-mails for ANYTHING we want monitored that goes over its defined threshold. If a server or eve

    Cons : I honestly cannot think of any. Maybe more mobile app features? They have a app, but it's pretty new. But there's not much need for it immediately. It's mostly for NOC purposes, you're not going to monitor all this stuff from a phone typically anyways. But they do have a app.

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    When Cloud Monitoring Makes Sense

    At this time I am on v.71 with Collectors at version 20. I began using LogicMonitor around 2 years ago. It was one of the best "outsourcing" decisions we have made. Now have nearly 550 nodes in our environment and a countless number of stock and custom datasources we are alerting on utilizing a range of collection types including SNMP, WMI, Groovy, and Powershell. We previously used OpManager and had considered SolarWinds (I used it in a previous enterprise and was very happy with it). In the end, there were a couple factors that lead us to LM and kept us there. First, we are a very lean shop, and the manpower cost of standing up a new monitoring platform along with maintaining yet another machine, while minimal, was going to take time and that was a consideration. Second, we had a lot of stuff we wanted to monitor on each server and a bunch of product owners we wanted to have the ability to monitor thier products, the way they measured that didn't work against us. Finally, we wanted a way to monitor both internally and externally since we ourselves are a SAAS provider. LM satisfied all three. When we first came on board, they were reasonably new, and the turnaround time on custom datasources was minimal. I guess they are a victim of their own success, my one and only criticism is that now the turnaround on datasources is measured in months not hours. Otherwise, they are hitting on all cylinders. Their java collector is lightweight and can handle a good deal of throughput, I myself have between 100-150 nodes on my larger collectors with 1-minute collection on most datapoints. They have been in a positive development cycle over the past 18 months as they rolled out a new UI for not only for their App but their support site as well. I like how they did some hand holding for us "old timers" who had grown used to the utilitarian and direct legacy UI. They let us run that if we chose to, but introduced new dashboard and service elements in the new UI only, giving us more carrot than stick to make the leap. They are continuously improving their interface, especially their dashboards, giving us the ability to embed third party graphs (in our case some New Relic APM elements) into their layout. I am hoping they will allow us to soon provide a way to embed our LM dashboards into other iframes or share out directly. As a whole, the product is barely recognizable as it was when we came on board, yet every bit as functional with certain elements such as bulk alert tuning and multi-instance management providing even more. They have released a native iPhone application, it is good for alerting, however they have a good way to go to make it more usable overall. If they do to it what they have done to the web portal, it will be amazing. As it stands, our entire department has the application loaded and peek at it throughout our off hours, acknowledging alerts that we may not have seen yet because of the way our escalation rules have been written. It gives us some advance notice to spot a trend from other departments before it lands on our laps. The escalation rules and who they go to are fully tweakable as well as how users get alerted (email, sms, phone call). We have even begun alerting automation scripts to fire off on certain alert types. They have listened to their customers and continue to act on our needs. When renewals come up, there is no debate that we will keep them. They have become an embedded resource and so long as they keep performing at this level they will remain there.

    Pros : Their drive to improve the product! It's hands down the nicest evolution of a product over a short span I have seen. Their product is continually getting enhanced, new datasources are being added to the library, new features into their mobile app and new content in their training sessions. I spoke to many of their pro's in the review, but their continuous improvement cycle is truly impressive. I also want to give a special shout-out to the help-desk for helping me out of many datasource woes.

    Cons : It may not be a major part of their value proposition to new customers, but datasource creation was part of the pitch for us old timers. In the beginning I loved how quickly their folks could crank out an oddball datasource for me. Now don't get me wrong, their help-desk definitely hits the mark for fixing some of my minor mistakes in datasource creation, but when I need something deep I got to wait months. In case LM is looking at this, I'm specifically awaiting a google analytic integration

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  • LogicMonitor is a performance monitoring solution that provides 24/7 updates on the status of your entire IT infrastructure.

    LogicMonitor is ideal for any company who needs a way to manage their growing IT infrastructure through automated monitoring, whether they are an SMB or enterprise. The software offers a hosted monitoring solution for in-house IT departments, managed service providers (MSP) and cloud providers, as well as web-based companies.

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  • If you have a LOT of services, devices, hosts, networks to monitor, and you do not have time to set up a monitoring solution (and you have the budget), LogicMonitor is the way to go. Not only does it monitor more than you can ever need, it does so without you having to monkey with complex monitoring systems. The only downside is the learning curve associated with the dashboard. But once you get beyond that, LogicMonitor is tops. Any medium to large business would do well to look into this monitoring tool.

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