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  • Jitterbit - Finance Processing

    Jitterbit Use Cases and Deployment ScopeJitterbit was used to process royalty statements from multiple licensees. And Jitterbit was used to streamline the data from multiple sources into our database.

    Pros : It handles different sources very efficiently.Programming in Jitterbit and the available plugins is simple and very effective.User administration permissions provisioning is easy.

    Cons : I would expect more math functions to be added as we had few issues while rounding the numbers.Currently I believe the rows are getting processed one by one, it would be beneficial if we could do a bulk insert options into SQL too.

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    Jitterbit Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe are using Jitterbit to Integrate our ERP (JD Edwards) with our CRM - Salesforce.

    Pros : Ease of use.Flexibility to code.Administration, logging and publishing code.

    Cons : It can integrate with DB and other third party apps well, but it would be nice if we could also invoke existing processes / code (Like SSIS etc) from Jitterbit.Would be nice if Jitterbit could also implement JD Edwards API to invoke business logic within JDE.

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    Jitterbit Data Loader - The best solution for Salesforce data operations

    Jitterbit Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI've been using the Jitterbit data loader for all my Salesforce data needs for about 4 years. It is far superior to the standard Salesforce Apex Data Loader in so many ways. I know many other consultants in my organization and others who use it to manipulate data in Salesforce.

    Pros : Preserves mappings so that you don't have to redo them. This was my biggest frustration with Salesforce's Apex Data Loader. I believe they may have added this functionality now but Jitterbit does this well and I'm not interested in switching back.Platform independence: I recently had a customer that required consultants to use MacBook

    Cons : One recent complaint is that I kept getting prompted in the application to upgrade but when I clicked the upgrade button I received a cryptic error. It didn't seem to affect the application fortunately. This occurred on both the Mac and PC versions.

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  • generally ok

    In order to connect your internal applications, connect with external systems, etc. you need a one-stop hub that can handle it. JitterBit can definitely do it and they give what they promise. It's a pretty OK solution and it's easy enough to use, but for the cost of it I expected a tremendous amount more and I would rather go with a more comprehensive platform even if it meant sacrificing some usability. The real value add here comes in if you need to constantly change things as that's the part that's easy.

    Pros : - Simple interface - Decent collection of endpoint options - Willing to take on their competitors' features if you challenge them to it

    Cons : - Extremely expensive considering quality of support and flexibility - Performance is OK, but there is a bit to be desired in terms of general functionality

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  • Jitterbit is therefore a very ideal import tool that you should consider switching to. It is configured to give you a good and easy time to do your importing while at the same time letting you perform complex transformations easily. If you are looking for an import tool, Jitterbit Salesforce is the tool to fall in love with.

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  • Quick deployment and support for a wide variety of standard protocols, SaaS applications and ERP and CRM systems make Jitterbit Enterprise MX 3.0 an attractive application integration component for large organizations seeking to maximize enterprise application investments and make better sense of these systems' data.

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