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Force.com is a suite of point-and-snap tools that make creating custom representative confronting applications extremely quick. So IT can accomplice intently with business and enable anybody to help workers go quicker than ever.
The Salesforce1 Platform puts the tools to create and send representative applications in your grasp with the strength of Force.com. So now you can construct applications for HR, IT, deals, operations, advertising, and any department or employee under the sun.
Each application you construct with Force.com is right away versatile. With the Salesforce1 Portable Application, workers get one-tap access to anything they require, anywhere, and IT gets elements to deal with the mobile experience from their phone.
The AppExchange helps you unite employees immediately. Download pre-integrated and prevented applications for Salesforce and more. All customizable for your needs. Get applications for deals, service, showcasing, finance, IT, HR, and almost every other department.

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  • What do you like best?

    I like the apex language and its flexibility and power which it provides. It comes along with great features and it also allows creation of custom VF Pages which can be integrated with salesforce. I also like the way the apex code renders into html and also the ability to integrate with other web frameworks is also very good. The ability to create objects and fields on the go is a great feature which has no match.

    What do you dislike?

    - The apex governor limits is a headache

    - The debugging tool that comes along with force platform is not upto the mark and does not contribute much.

    - Developer console does not save the code at times

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Salesforce is the product to go for if your organization is a large one and needs a place to keep track of your business contacts and opportunities at one place and also if you want customization then there is no other like Salesforce in this field as of now.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Busines problems like integrating with other sites and creating portals are very easy using salesforce. Also the creation of objects on the go and storing data allows us to mix customization into the standard ones. Salesforce also gives APIs to work with to manage the contacts, leads and the opportunities which allows us to work on the lower core level and interact with it to modify it according to needs. Report generation is a breeze on salesforce which allows forecasting and analytical snapshot which helps understand the business in a better way.

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User Reviews

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    Benjamin Ruby

    I am currently working as an intern for a company that recently invested in force.com. As a result, they have decided to convert many of their older applications into force.com applications. Currently, I'm working as a developer on one of these projects, and I can say that I am enjoying Salesforce. I will warn that there is a bit of a learning curve in how to navigate the site when working as a developer. It seems to be a bit non-intuitive. But in terms of what you can create and how quickly you can do it, Salesforce is incredible in that regard. I am enjoying the combination of time-saving drag and drops, as well as the customization of writing code.

    Pros :

    In my personal experience, the biggest advantage to using Salesforce is being able to develop business applications quickly. Also, I come from a computer science background, so I was initially wary of using software that implements drag and drop techniques. But so far it has been a plus for me. The layer of abstraction has allowed for me to do simple drag and drops instead of writing generic code over and over again. But then I also love the ability that I can customize my applications by writing code. I have thoroughly enjoyed this combination, and I feel that it is a very nice balance for making applications quickly.

    Cons :

    I had mentioned previously that the interface can take some time getting used to. The layout of force.com feels a bit non-intuitive for me, and it takes some time to get a feel for navigation around the site. I am also not a big fan of the developers console. The text editor behaves very strangely, and I have opted to use the Salesforce plugin for Eclipse because that is an IDE that I am much more comfortable with than the developer's console.

    • September 23, 2015
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