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  • Difficult integrations are a snap with Boomi.

    Boomi Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe are using Boomi to integrate an on-premise legacy system with a cloud system.   Two very different databases and we are able to successfully move critical data between the two for critical business processes.  

    Pros : Boomi provides all the visuals to accurately map, and transform, data from one system to another.Easy to set up a completely isolated test environment to put the integrations through their paces before deploying to production.Compared to CastIron, the solution was much simpler to configure.

    Cons : Haven't run across anything that we can't yet accomplish with Boomi.Having a "test run" feature. If there is no test environment to test against, having a "what would be the result if I ran it" feature would be great.

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    "Boomi product review by Cloud Integrator"

    Boomi Use Cases and Deployment ScopeBoomi is our top pick for our customers integrating cloud applications. Boomi primarily address the integration challenges between various cloud applications. 

    Pros : It's unimaginably simple to use and I call the development "assembly".Has various proven cloud applicaton connectors.Ease of use, ease of deployment, ease of monitoring, on demand licensing, out of queue support, cloud development etc.

    Cons : The product is evolving day after day. There were several weaknesses two years ago but not any more. for example WS-Security was introduced recentlyy to enable end point communication security.

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    Highly recommend Dell Boomi

    Boomi Use Cases and Deployment ScopeBoomi makes system integration easy by providing pre-defined objects and connectors.

    Pros : Provides a ton of built-in connectors.Provides very strong revisioning/object history.User friendly UI.

    Cons : It should have a way to encapsulate or hide code from other users (ex. compiling into DLL file).Keyword search for large projects would be great.

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