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  • Caspio - Great for our non-profit

    We have been using Caspio for about 5 years and it has been perfect for us. We give scholarships to students while they are in college so have to keep track of them and how much money we give them over the years. We have 50 mentors entering information on different students, requesting payments to be sent as well as tracking all of our expenses, donations and donors. It's easy to update and I frequently pull data into excel to do more detailed analysis or use the pivot table capabilities. Regarding customer support - my experience has been fantastic. They called me back when they said they would, even called me at home on the weekend and worked with me for several hours on the phone to get a new project running the way I wanted it. It's great to know I can get the help when I need it!

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    Caspio Bridge Second to None

    It is a rare occasion that I take time out of my very busy day to write a review but Caspio is simply the best. Over my 30 years I have dealt with countless computer related businesses and Caspio simply rises to the top on many levels. Not only is their PaaS (Platform as a Service) feature rich and extremely reliable but it is only surpassed by their customer service. I have no idea what their customer service personnel are paid, but it is not enough. Caspio service has repeatedly exceeded my expectations. Their customer service team has gone beyond the extra mile to make sure my needs were met. I was not paid for this review, they earned it. Sincerely One Happy Customer, Max Baer (Owner) Account-Ability Services

    Pros : Their product is extremely feature rich. Very reliable Can't say enough about their stellar customer service.

    Cons : The only standard feature which is on my wish list for them is structured report print output. Other than that I was able to produce 99.99 percent of everything I have endeavored thus far.

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    Simply awsome

    I have had the pleasure of using the Caspio database development application for several years, creating many different programs. Caspio's simple step-through wizard quickly creates forms, reports and editable data screens in just minutes. From basic registration forms to sophisticated shared-data online cloud database processes, Caspio handles them all with ease. I first became familiar with Caspio in 1999/2000, when Caspio released their beta version. I quickly built a time-billing system for our in-field technicians which improved our company's billing-cycle by getting client invoices out faster and shortening the turn-around time for receiving payment. Since then I have designed, built and deployed well over 100 databases for non-profit organizations, government agencies and private companies. Using the Caspio application has saved thousands of dollars in setup, programming and hosting costs. One project save over $100,000.

    Pros : The development and deployment process is quick and easy. Forms and database screens are a breeze to embed into existing websites and social media sites. But it doesn't stop there. I have also created smartphone applications and stand-alone programs.

    Cons : Frankly, it's difficult for me to find anything about Caspio that I don't like. The product is secure, priced right and full of very cool features which I've often relied upon. It would only be better if Caspio actually clicked my mouse for me!

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  • Allows me to create forms without hiring programmer

    What do you like best?

    I love that I can easily and quickly create custom custom forms that are incredibly complex, and can tie several together in interesting ways. I can do this without hiring a programmer, and I can create backend forms to manage the data collected. I don't know what I'd do without this product. It has allowed me to turn around jobs in a couple of hours instead of a couple of weeks.

    What do you dislike?

    A couple of minor bugs (improper nesting) have cropped up in the latest versions, and they're breaking my dropdown menus on my WordPress site. Caspio fixed the first one once I reported it, and I only noticed the second instance today. Also, while the logic capabilities on the form are better than anything else I've seen, I wish I had even more options. For instance, I'd like to be able to make an "Other" field both appear (from a hidden state) and then be required if the user selects "Other" in the dropdown menu above it. I can make it appear only if "Other" is selected, but I can't do that AND make it required. Also, there's an annoying issue where users' uploads are cleared if they get an error on form submission. They usually don't notice that they need to re-attach their files.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Study the company's online demo movies and documentation. And when you have something you'd like to address, the forum can be incredibly helpful.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Super-quick turn-around times, no need to learn PHP or another scripting language. Ability to customize the appearance with stylesheets that I can set myself.

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    Caspio for Government agencies

    What do you like best?

    I helped implement Caspio as a solution in my agency nearly four years ago to meet a single simple need. Since then, usage of Caspio has increased to nearly 20 applications and several more concepts awaiting time and approval to implement. One of the greatest components of Caspio is the very simple learning curve. As a non-programmer, I was able to stand up a web application in hours instead of weeks or months.

    What do you dislike?

    My biggest complaint is the authentication piece. If a user is not an admin for the instance, they have additional steps to log in.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    I would recommend reviewing some of the online training available and using the free eval period to "kick the tires". That is what we did and used that to build the proof of concept to sell to upper management.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    We frequently have the need to publish searchable data. Our preferred method has tremendous cost that cannot be accommodated without a revenue stream. Caspio provided a low cost alternative. With the increased usage, we have realized significant savings over the other options.

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    Caspio - Great Customer Service and Constant Improvement

    What do you like best?

    Caspio has great customer support with minimal wait times and quick availability. They release a new update to their software every couple of months that introduces new ways to use their software as well as speed up creation time. They have different levels of security to purchase depending on your business type at different price points to fit your need. Many ways to deploy their applications throughout your site from embedding to iFrame. Love this product!

    What do you dislike?

    So far, I've been using Caspio for 6 months and don't have much to complain about. Some features can be released a little early and not everything has been thought through. It's usually fixed in the next patch like most software though.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    I would recommend having someone with a decent background in coding such as Javascript and jQuery to be the admin. With a couple hours of teaching, most people should be able to run this software for the most part. Extensive training may be need for aspects of Caspio.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    We have been deploying table and infographics throughout our site. We recently launch a form for consumers to send information through and it gets sent to a specific email address where our team responds in orderly time. Great for customer service needs!

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  • Caspio has been around for more than a decade and continues to bring excellent innovation and service. Its ability to create database application codes that can be embedded to any web page and be connected real-time to the database is one of its best features. It offers a complete solution of online database software, custom database applications, SaaS/PaaS, professional services and instant apps like task management.

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  • For those who don't have the time or desire to learn about building web applications or don't feel as though they have the right web application development tools on hand, this is a simple and quick system to use. Of course, for those who cannot afford the monthly price, more geared toward small businesses and large companies, it is better to learn to develop your own or hire a freelance developer to build the application for you. For those who can afford it, it is well worth the money because the features are great and the program is easy to use.

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  • Small to large business who wish to quickly develop and deploy web applications and databases without the need for coding and extensive development efforts will find Caspio has what they’re looking for. This service allows convenient access as well as a price that is more affordable for a smaller organization.

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