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  • An easy-to-use mobile app builder

    BiznessApps is just awesome -- they've built an easy-to-use platform, have customer support and they got me up and running quickly. I particularly like the fact that they streamline the creation of content so that I can go live on IOS, Google Play and HTML5 without going through redundant steps.

    Pros : Easy-to-use templates Extensive resource center Responsive customer support Cost-effective

    Cons : Not localized in many languages

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  • Bizness Apps is a good service for those who do not have any kind of affinity in the development process, but would like to assemble an application from your service or product to operate on mobile devices. Moreover, the process of creating your application is fully guided, being distributed in five main phases

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  • Bizness Apps is a solid app making solution, which will suit many businesses that are seeking an app to improve mobile access for customers. It is user friendly and affordable. If you don’t need database integration or very specialized customization, this could be a great solution for you.

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  • Bizness Apps offers an easy DIY interface that is perfect for small businesses and resellers. The app’s interface is attractive and easy to use, making it a great solution for those who are inexperienced in mobile app development. If you want to start a mobile app company, we think that Bizness Apps is the best partner you could find.

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  • While all the basic and some innovative options are available, Bizness Apps is still not fully realized. Some of the app integration options were nice, especially the implementation of Google Analytics for site monitoring. This mobile website creator has some useful features to help you launch your site quickly and without much effort.

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    Bizness Apps is a great service that seems to be improving more each time we log in. It does not use a traditional drag-and-drop builder, but that doesn't prevent you from creating a professional business website. This top-tier service will benefit you in the long run if you ever want a solid mobile website and a corresponding app as well.

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  • Bizness Apps is a company that strives to provide as many different options for your business needs as possible. Indeed, they have more features available than almost any other app builder, proving that they will go the extra mile to optimize your app for your unique needs.

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  • We liked that BiznessApps.com provided a lengthy training video for users (almost an hour and a half long). You can also book a webinar session if you need to, or just read through the information provided around the site. The website also provides clear pricing structures and lists of features, although it would benefit from going into a little more detail to help explain what each feature is and how it can be used. Those things considered, though, their customer service team seems pretty devoted to helping you out, which is great to see.

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  • As the smartphone industry is growing at an unprecedented pace as several users now have access to a smartphone and fast internet connectivity. As per recent studies conducted, it has been established that nearly 70% of the internet users prefer using the internet from their smartphone or any mobile device.

    Due to this, having an app is highly essential for a business and by not having one, business owners would be losing out on a major source of revenue generation. Hence, you can sign up with famous app maker platforms such as Bizness Apps that allow you to develop an app for your business by yourself!

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