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About AppDynamics

AppDynamics is the next generation application performance management & monitoring solution that simplifies the management of complex, business-critical apps. No one can stand slow applications—not IT Ops and Dev teams, not the CIO, and definitely not end users. 

At AppDynamics, their Application Intelligence Platform empowers today’s software-defined businesses with the ability to proactively monitor, manage, and optimize the most complex software environments. Because they start with user interactions, their platform is able to dynamically collect millions of performance data points across your applications and infrastructure. They then apply intelligence to instantly identify performance anomalies, enable automatic fixes and continuously measure business impact. And all this happens in real time, in production, with cloud or on-premise deployment flexibility. So even in the most dynamic production environments, you can know more and know it faster. It’s more than monitoring, it’s true Application Intelligence.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • End User Monitoring
  • Application Health Dashboard
  • Real-Time Business Transaction Monitoring
  • Reports and Visibility into App
  • Visualize & Manage your Entire Application
  • Operational Dashboards
  • Detect Business Impact and Performance Spikes
  • Analyze Impact of Agile Releases
  • Isolate Bottlenecks in your Application
  • Deep Code-Level Diagnostics in Production


Supported languages
Serviceable Area
Australia,  Canada,  China,  Germany,  India,  Japan,  United Kingdom,  United States
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Linux
AppDynamics integrates with Takipi and more than 2 other solutions. View details
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Integration 22
Support options 100
Platforms 67
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