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AppBaker offers a fast and inexpensive way to build and manage unique, native, custom branded iOS, Android and HTML5 apps, covering about 99% of mobile devices. What sets AppBaker apart is that it’s got just the right mix of technology, creative freedom and discipline. For example, it gives you all the tools you need to build your app but lets you go wild with the creative parts, it can turn your app from native iOS into Android and HTML5 with a click of a button, and it takes care of complicated stuff like making sure your app is following each App Store’s specifications. AppBaker also offers these pre-cooked, industry specific things it calls StarterPacks. StarterPacks are a great solution for agencies with a lot of clients within the same industry, or ones that are looking to build a great industry-specialized app, even faster, but without compromising its quality, customization or professional result. Ah, AppBaker is just awesome! Isn’t it? ISN’T IT? …We knew you’d agree.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits that AppBaker gives its users is the actual device test experience. Users can create a free account in less than a minute, build an app and test it on a real device without having to make a single purchase or submit a credit card. The AppBaker Player - a powerful iPhone app available for free downloading on the App Store – allows users to test how the real app will actually look and work, before even submitting it to the App Store.

AppBaker offers a powerful Content Management System that allows users to make content updates and publish them directly to the published app without the need to re-submit the app to the App Store. SNQ Digital, the company behind AppBaker, is one of the leaders and pioneers in traditional Web Content Management Systems, running a successful CMS – NQcontent – for the last 10 years. SNQ Digital’s experience and expertise is transferred to AppBaker to develop a full featured, true Content Management System for mobile apps. AppBaker is the only service of its kind that is run by a Web Content Management vendor. AppBaker offers the best possible quality at the lowest possible price, a combination that can’t be beaten.

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