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What is it?

User test software helps you to conduct product testing using a predefined user panel. The test involves subjecting the users to try your product, software etc., and to concretely identify the problems and benefits.

A variety of observation methods exist within these software, ranging from video or voice recording, or simply getting users to return a form.


The objective of user test software is to help you observe real user behavior toward a product or software in a detailed manner. This method helps you identify potential pitfalls or challenges which could prevent access to the proposed information. It provides the team with impartiality when making design and navigation decisions, etc. The user tests can therefore be useful in cases of uncertainty and curb endless debates between sometimes arbitrary choices.

It happens very often that project teams lack the necessary hindsight to make the right choices. Resorting to a user panel for an objective opinion on certain controversial points in your project is a considerable advantage.

Many solutions are available on the market, with varying price points and varying levels of technology. With some you can record tester behavior, while others only allow for email responses.

How to choose a tool

You should pay particular attention to the following things:

  • The tester database: Certain websites give you access to use a panel of testers. If you are looking for specific tester profiles to meet precise selection criteria, we strongly recommend that you do not use tester databases that are made up primarily of standard testers as they will certainly not meet your expectations. On the other hand, if your project is intended for the general public, this can be a good alternative to expand your panel. It is important to educate yourself about the database’s variables, such as socio-economic background, geographic location and gender in order to get the best panel quality for your user tests.
  • Software options: Depending upon your needs, you will need to be able to analyze tester behavior via recorded video. If so, you will need a much more advanced solution than the industry standards. However if audio or written feedback is sufficient, don’t hesitate to choose a more simple, more inexpensive solution.
  • Software capacity: How many software testers will it support for the same test? Depending upon your needs, you will have to choose from a variety of software.
  • Report quality: The data you receive must be easily manipulated so you can generate comprehensive reports that are easily interpretable.

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