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Get More from Your Platforms with Application Connectors

In today’s day and age, your company probably operates thanks to a vast collection of digital applications. Acronyms like CMR, CMS, SaaS, and others probably play a large role in helping your company do everything from keeping customers happy to finding new leads to even communicating amongst one another. However, with all these assets also come a proportionate amount of problems. Many of your applications probably weren’t created with the others in mind. So if you’re hoping to get the most from all of them, you need to figure out a way to get them to work together toward common goals. Fortunately, you can use application connectors for this very purpose. So if you’ve been worried that your company’s technology is more trouble than it’s worth, keep reading to find out how one more application may be all it takes to turn things around.

What Are Application Connectors?

Essentially, an application connectors’ job is to bring together all your company’s applications and make it easier for you to handle them all at the same time. It’s not that it’s impossible to get all your applications on the same page, so to speak. But if you’ve already tried doing this on your own, you probably know what futility feels like. Plus, the next time an upgrade is released for a single software, it could affect how the others work with it.
If nothing else, application connectors bring all your digital assets into one room. It’s the difference between trying to speak to a dozen subordinates separately and having one meeting where you can address all of them and see how they’ll be working together.
Without application connectors, many companies would need more IT professionals to help them integrate their many applications. Even then, they could face all kinds of issues and would need to ensure that the separate professionals were always communicating with one another about the applications they were responsible for.
Perhaps best of all, when you have all your relevant applications under one roof, automation becomes a possibility again. You’re not just automating them individually either. You can set up automaton that will take all your applications into consideration, allowing them to work in synch and giving you time to focus on other matters going forward.

The Five Things Your Application Connector Software Must Have

While this is an exciting prospect, by now, you’ve probably also realized one of the major risks at play. If, say, eight different software applications are difficult to manage and integrate, doesn’t adding another potentially make matters worse? You’re not wrong. However, that potential becomes far less plausible when you make sure that any application connector software you consider has the following five features.
First and foremost, you need to make sure that an application connector can actually handle the software your company depends on. Application connectors aren’t magic; they can’t take any platform out there and magically help it make sense with others. So do your due diligence or prepare for even greater amounts of frustration in the future. Fortunately, so long as you’re not using especially obscure platforms, this shouldn’t be an issue.
Second, to that point, consider application connectors specifically designed for your industry. If your company manages construction projects, for example, there are some software titles that are unique to your industry and its needs. You wouldn’t find those application connectors in banking. By choosing an application connector focused on your specific industry, a lot of the issues involved with the first point won’t be a concern.
Like with so many other software platforms these days, the third thing to look for is cloud computing. You want to make it possible to manage all your other platforms from the cloud for a number of the typical reasons. Amongst them are the fact that anyone with access can manage your platforms from anywhere in the world. It also makes synchronization much easier too.
Don’t underestimate the importance of customer support. To this end, the fourth thing you want to think about is the company that produced the application connector. They should have a sterling reputation in terms of helping customers with issues they may have and even implementation.
Lastly, if your company utilizes social media, then you want an application connector familiar with it too. Surprisingly not every version is. Don’t hold back when it comes to using all the technology you can get your hands on if it means you get a better company out of the deal. However, don’t forget that application connectors are as essential as any of the software platforms you’re utilizing.

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