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  • Hands down the best scheduling app for small business

    I've tried the rest - this is hands down the BEST scheduling app for small business. The price is right, and it actually WORKS. The platform is SO simple, and it is SO flexible. Scheduling is easier than any other app we've tried, and has a ton of flexibility. The device (tablet/phone) apps work as promised, and all my employees have commented on how much better this app is and how much they love it. Most important, timesheet summary for payroll is clean and simple.

    Pros : Excellent reporting simplicity and functionality Incredibly easy to schedule employees Apps work great Setup is a breeze user interface is outstanding

    Cons : Haven't found anything to complain about.

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    Great App for Small and Growing Business

    We started using Excel for scheduling initially but as our business grew, so did our need to change our procedures to accommodate requests and convenience for employee team members. So, we trialed many apps and found WHENIWORK such an excellent APP and a great price!

    Pros : Love the site selections! Works great for our multiple locations and the employees who help out at other sites!

    Cons : Wish there was an option to show absences for no call no shows so that employees can keep a track of the absences throughout the year.

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    Great Scheduling Tool!

    We use this app for a company with 45-50 employees. This tool is very helpful. With most employees having smart phones, it makes it very easy for employees to stay on top of when they work, taking open shifts, and finding their own coverage. The only issues I have had with the app is some of our employees don't have set end times, but you can either give them an end time or not show end times for all employees. The other issue is we have employees who work in multiple locations during the week. I can schedule them in each location, but when you print a schedule, it only shows shifts they work in that specific location. This only is an issue for the employees who don't have a smart phone. These are somewhat small issues we have worked around but all in all I HIGHLY recommend When I Work! It's a much cheaper alternative to other sites. (I also got a tshirt that said "Get Shift Done" which I found super awesome....the small things right?)

    Pros : Cheaper Fast Customer Support Multiple Locations and Roles Time Off Requests Open Shift pickup

    Cons : End Times - not being able to hide an end time for select employees only Schedule Format for employees working in multiple locations in a work week

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  • When I Work doesn’t do everything (nor does it want to), but if it’s straightforward scheduling you’re after, it’s a great solution to consider. The grapevine says they’ll be tackling time, attendance, and payroll integrations next – whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be great to use.

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