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  • Somewhat buggy, less than intuitive UI, poor report performance

    We used Shiftplanning for a little over a year, and we found the system to be somewhat counter-intuitive when constructing schedules. It took us over 2 days of concentrated efforts to set up our scheduling system in a way that worked for us (compared to the 20 minutes it took us to do the same through WheniWork). The most frustrating thing was the reports: if you wanted a simple summary of employees hours, it produced this massive report that couldn't be reformatted, and didn't fit when trying to print on legal paper (good luck with trying to print on an even smaller sheet of 8.5/11). We had many issues with the app-based terminals as well - there were quirky limitations that wouldn't allow people to log in from the terminal even after saving it to an IP address (we have a static IP address at the office network). It also "forgot" the authorizations for the terminal, and it was rare that things "just worked"

    Pros : Pricing is pretty good. But when compared to other services, you're getting what you pay for.

    Cons : User interface is more complicated than it needs to be, and when setting up a complicated shift schedule for multiple locations and positions at those locations, it took a lot of work to organize it in a way that worked how we wanted it to. Buggy apps / iPad terminals Frustrating reports. Difficult to print.

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    Saves time, frustration and money

    I researched several options and ShiftPlanning offered everything on my wish list for a price within my budget. All the pre-sale promises proved to be true once I began using ShiftPlanning. I reduced time spent scheduling by 75%. The employees praised the introduction of ShiftPlanning.

    Pros : The online chat support is quick to respond and is backed up with online documentation and videos. The software is very intuitive and the support team was very helpful in getting me up and running. After that I needed minimual support. My second favorite feature is the "Availablity" function. Staff can block out either a recurring day of the week, time of day or a specific date. This eliminated scheduling errors for everyone.

    Cons : The product is designed for online use by the Scheduler and employees. I also like to post a printed copy of the schedule. The filter function allows significant flexibility when printing but I'd like to see more control over the page breaks when printing the schedule.

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    Terrible way to conduct business

    I was completely disappointed in this software. I was assured when I first tried it and then paid for a 6 month subscription that I would be able to create a custom report for my staff's availability. I even sent a copy of the report I created manually to show what I needed. It wasn't until I got all of my staff entered etc and tried to create the report which I was not able to to do. I was told by my "client success specialist" that the custom report I needed was not an option on their platform. I was also told if I needed help she was not available until the following Monday to help me. This was on a Thursday. What? Some customer service. So when I realized this is not the scheduling software for me, they refused to refund my money (I paid for 6 months). They just sent an email with the verbiage of their billing refunds. I would strongly suggest you utilize their free month to make sure it works. In my case, I went on blind faith that the initial "support" person told me it would work for us. It's bad enough that it didn't work, but then to so coldy inform me I cannot get a refund...well that is the reason I am taking the time to write this review. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't do that. It's a terrible way to do business - not giving a refund if the product doesn't meet our needs. Seems pretty simple to me.

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  • helps businesses to keep track of employees and streamline workforce management procedures. Using this application eliminates the need to use time-consuming spreadsheets or hand written records. Managers can quickly and easily create a conflict free schedule that is updated in real time and available to all employees. The application is more intuitive and less expensive than many competing services.

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  • What do you like best?

    Easy to use web based tool, that offers a lot of nice features.

    What do you dislike?

    Missing features are, half day vacations, adding different tasks to certain shifts, auto clock-out after X hours.

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    What do you like best?

    I loved that Shiftplanning integrated with Android. Made it easy for clocking in and out!

    What do you dislike?

    It was hard to make mass updates... took a little time to make big changes if the original schedule changed.

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  • The incredible data services, trouble-free scheduling and easy communication options for employees make ShiftPlanning one of the best employee scheduling software services we reviewed. With so many options and features to make your scheduling tasks run smoothly, this web application is decidedly the top easy-to-use and fully capable employee scheduling software product. ShiftPlanning is a fully hosted web service, allowing you to access your information from almost any device with a web browser. Because the service is web-based, there's no software to download.

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  • ShiftPlanning is a great web based tool for small business owners. The site allows users to manage anywhere from 2 to 100 employees, with four affordable price options that can fit into most budgets. Users get access to all features regardless of membership, which is another big plus. The ShiftPlanning team even offers users a live chat option to answer questions and get assistance.

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