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  • Intuitive, smart, and effective

    We evaluated 6+ HRIS systems and BambooHR was my top choice. Besides being really pretty and intuitive to use, all the features worked they way you'd expect them to work. We just finished rolling Zenefits which was a nightmare and their support team is seriously lacking. BambooHR experience so far has been stellar. We will be rolling it out early next year.

    Pros : ATS Onboarding module Easy to implement Intuitive work flow Great customer support Visually appealing and makes sense Runs reports effortlessly and can export all to Excel Employee Self-Service

    Cons : No performance management module (has vendors it partners with) Doesn't synch with our payroll system (PayChex)

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    I'm currently in the beginning stages of using this product.

    Make sure you allow adequate time for the rollover or initial set-up. I wasn't as ready as I thought, but they've been generous in extending my time for it. They've been timely on their end, though.

    Pros : The transition to Bamboo has been easy. It's gotten things more organized around here. The software is user-friendly and intuitive and has provided the fields we need to track our employees. The on-boarding and set-up of an employee has been the biggest advantage so far. It's something we've needed to take us from spreadsheets and "too many cooks in the kitchen" to all-in-one place.

    Cons : I'm still in the initial process in using it, so I haven't discovered any dislikes yet.

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    I have had BambooHR for 5 weeks. I have been unable to import my employees information into the system, at least 3 times a week the system doesn't recognize my userauthor or password. I have been unable to implement this system due to the fact I can't use it.

    Pros : Cheap and could be easy to use.

    Cons : It doesn't work. Too many bugs. It takes the customer support team too long to fix basic issues.

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  • Pros: BambooHR is cost-effective and is an SaaS-Based HR System that is great for small to medium-sized businesses. This system is specifically tailored to a small business’s needs simply because it can help you with compliance issues and deeper payroll integration. It’s user-friendly and has a simple, easy-to-read layout.

    Cons: The dashboard cannot be customized completely. Additionally, some of the menus cannot be customized.

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  • Ease-of-use

    It's incredibly easy to understand, navigate around, edit, and use to report.


    It exceeds our needs and expectations. Via the App tab, we have found and implemented other software platforms that integrate with BambooHR to enhance our HR service and experience even further.

    Product Quality

    Excellent. It's robust and trustworthy. Any issues have been rectified quickly and successfully.

    Customer Support

    BambooHR's customer service is the best I have encountered in a work environment and as a consumer elsewhere. It's a pleasure to deal with them as a company.

    Likes Best

    It's so easy to use from an admin point of view and an employee point of view. The information is displayed clearly and intuitively. Having all our information in one place is a huge step forward, and being able to report on that information is a very positive step forward. The customer support and service I've experienced from Bamboo has been exceptional every time!

    Likes Least

    I'd like to be able to print the Org Chart straight to pdf as we get asked for this from our Customers a lot. Having a way to show an employee that reports to two managers would be very helpful also.


    Definitely give the demo a try and arrange to join one of the webinars. They are well-run and clear, and they present the product well. I can't recommend BambooHR enough!

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    We were looking for a new HR software package. Looking around the market, all the products seemed very monolithic. Bamboo is next generation, extremely powerful, yet incredibly simple. The product has transformed our HR function and I recommend it highly!

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    My company is a small business but is always growing and expanding. We have 47 employees and it was just becoming too much work to try and keep up with eveyones personal informatio, time off requests and benefits. I had so many spreadsheets and so many places to enter/change information. It was making me dizzy trying to remember what I had entered and what I missed entering.

    Now with BambooHR online, everything is in one place, my employees can update their own information, ask for time off. They can see the company calendar to see when other employees are of. You can post company announcements and email the announcement to everyone or you select individual or even groups.

    The implementation was as easy as sending them all my spreadsheets and files I had for each employee. They did all the rest and it took probably less than a week and we were up and running. Their customer support is great! If I have a question, I email them and they respond in less than 24 hours.

    My employees love the smart phone application as well! I also changed my payroll company to TRAXPayroll that is partnered with BambooHR. So all the information that was in BambooHR imported right over into TRAX.

    We are still working out a couple kinks but all in all I am extremely satisfied with BambooHR Online. It is so easy to use and my employees love being able to see and make updates to their information and what their benefits are.

    I highly recommend BambooHR Online!

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  • What do you like best?

    I like the usability of Bamboo, and the simple design that makes ESS so simple for our employees. I also LOVE the simplicity of the app. there's an app for everything these days, and so often they are not useful. Our employees are always using their phones, and the ability for them to check their vacation balances at home or on-the-go is amazing.

    What do you dislike?

    Customizability of the reports is good, but for specific acocunting purposes, I wish there was a bt more complexity in some of the headcount reports. Also, two-tiered approval or multi-tier email notifications (direct manager and senior manager notifications of anniversary dates for example) would be a hugely useful advantage.

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    What do you like best?

    The self service functionality! The intuitive interface is very easy to learn from the administrative side. It is also very easy to deploy to computer savvy users and those that are learning. The BambooHR development team listens and sometimes it seems the tweaks and improvements that they make are perfectly timed with our needs. Custom fields are quickly created and the ease of submitting support requests from within the app with 2 clicks speaks volumes about their customer service. Responsiveness from support is consistently reliable and prompt. We purchased the implementation package and that was well worth it and our implementation went really good. Keep in mind that the more effort you put into validating your data during the implementation phase the happier you will be.

    What do you dislike?

    There are some little things that we would like to have that would suit us better as an organization but we understand that on a shared platform this can be a challenge. We use the Time Off functionality extensively and although it fits us almost perfectly, the permissions for the Who's Out calendar is not flexible enough for our liking. The Benefits functionality is pretty basic and we would like to have the ability to run change reports for each pay period. Instead we have to supplement this with a manual process outside of BambooHR.

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    What do you like best?

    It has to be how intuitive and integrated the system is! If I'm willing to learn, BambooHR will teach. My goal in choosing BambooHR was strictly for use as a data base. In additon, it has turned out to be a reminder of special events, a staffing partner, and an e-file cabinet.

    What do you dislike?

    I wouldn't say I "dislike" anything; however, it would be nice to have a performance management piece.

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  • BambooHR does a masterful job of creating a unified database for your company’s employees and gives you countless tools to automate basic HR tasks and analyze your team. The all-new Applicant Tracking System is a fantastic addition to an already robust set of features. The ATS helps you search for the perfect new employee and collaborate on the hiring decision. And the front-end application page is beautifully simple.

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  • BambooHR is a fairly robust tool for small businesses that may not have large HR departments – or none at all. A lot of the functionality is easy to learn and a business has the option of importing data, or going through BambooHR’s 5-Step implementation process to get up and running more quickly. BambooHR is an excellent help for many small businesses (even mid-sized) as it provides the tools you need to offer your business the HR functions one may find in a larger organization. The other positive – BambooHR has tremendous customer services and their specialists will customize the program to fit your business needs.

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  • BambooHR emphasizes its ability to make time-consuming tasks more efficient, freeing up needed hours for other projects. There’s a good level of employee self-service and email alerts are there to remind people of the need for training. The customer service offered by BambooHR has received some favorable comments and passes the 24 hour response test. Pricing is fairly reasonable and there is a seven day free trial.

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  • BambooHR is intended for small to medium size businesses. The application can handle numerous human resources tasks and provides users with a self-serve option for their employees. The four membership plans are also varied so businesses only pay for what they really need.

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  • We loved BambooHR and really recommend it as a human resources software for your company. That is if you are not looking for applicant tracking system that will help you hire new employees because BambooHR doesn't go there. Also, we wouldn't list it as a negative issue because this would be a rare thing to have, but since BambooHR is so advanced, we would love to see a mobile application that would, for example, allow employees to request sick leave using their iPhones, Adroid phones or BlackBerry. We would also recommend considering a change of main reference on BambooHR homepage, the picture doesn't suit BambooHR at all.

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