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  • Great product but no development

    Whilst it Guru is a promising, flexible and easy to use product it really is just bare bones at the moment and they have failed to deliver any additional functionality since launch despite increasing pricing. The forums are filled with requests and suggestions for highly useful add-ons and improvements that always receive the same answer "It's on the road map but we are working on other aspects of development". However, there have been no new releases and even the highly anticipated Vacation and Leave function slated for October 2015 has not actually been delivered. In fact the only thing that has changed is a change in pricing model that has upped the cost of the product. So, to conclude, even though Resource Guru has great potential the increased cost combined with a complete lack of development and capacity for integration make it a waste of time and money. Sad really because conceptually it is a fantastic product.

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    Best Resourcing App for Small Consultancies

    Resource Guru is simply brilliant for small businesses who operate in a fluid work environment. You can adjust shift length, location, clients, projects all in an intuitive drag-and-drop format. I have looked at many other apps but even the best of them were too prescriptive for a company that could have a single staff member working at three different sites in one day. Resource Guru provides an easy to use scheduling tool that gives highly customisable views at the click of a button. Great stuff!

    Pros : Easy to use, intuitive, flexible and the customisable filters allow you to view either a single staff member, the whole team, a single project or client or just about whatever you want to view.

    Cons : Obviously still in development so doesn't include features such as time sheeting. Saved filters cannot be distributed across all users; each user has to create and save their own.

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    pretty ok

    Used for reporting on current status of the work force as well as future planning for projects. The system is extremely easy to use and provides a great interface for managing resources. When screen sharing or meeting together, RG makes it simple to analyze which resources are available for which projects and determine who is over-booked. No training necessary and ready for complete use after just 30 minutes.

    Pros : - Extremely simple (no training required) - Easily accessible - Resource management done right

    Cons : - Gets costly after a few users - Built-in reporting isn't great - Minor UI/UX glitches that are annoying until you get used to them

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  • What can this tool do for your business? Many. More than just your usual scheduling tool, Resource Guru puts all your team members into one online-based calendar where your organization can map out moves, collaborate on events and dates, and set up schedules for you and your business team as well as resources. It provides that maximum visibility for businesses to really optimize you and your team’s schedules and make the best out your manpower, resources, equipment, and time.

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