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Replicon TimeAttend is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to collect attendance and time off data to process payroll accurately and ensure labor compliance for all types of employees.

When you have exempt, non-exempt, contractors and other employee types, it can be difficult to collect the time and attendance data needed to ensure accurate payroll. Different pay policies for overtime, time off, and other exception time create challenges when calculating the correct pay amounts for each employee. Payroll errors are not uncommon, and fixing them can be an administrative nightmare.

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Replicon TimeAttend


  • Manage exempt, non-exempt, contractors and other employee types
  • Standardize time tracking across the organization
  • Easily configure rules for overtime, meal breaks, and other attendance policies
  • Process payroll accurately and on time
  • Automatically apply the correct pay rates
  • Configure solution to fit your needs
  • Get the data you need to ensure compliance
  • Easily configure reports to see the data the way you need it
  • Collect time and pay employees without the administrative hassles
  • Integrate with existing HR systems

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Critic Reviews

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  • Replicon has proven to be a super useful software for the company at which I work. With a number of employees who work out of the office (and some are out of the state!), Replicon allows for seamless time tracking and billing. It is quick and easy to see when someone has not submitted their time, and to track the billable and non billable hours of each of our instructors. I do sometimes feel as though there are multiple aspects of the product that I do not understand, and unfortunately I was not yet an employee when my company received the initial introductory training meeting. However, once when I had a problem, Replicon Customer Support Services offered to give me a free consultation in order to make my use of Replicon more productive. As a small company (two people in the office!), there are not a lot of training opportunities, because when one person comes in, it´?¢s likely because someone else left. The fact that Replicon was willing to meet with me at no cost (this service usually has a cost associated with it) was wonderful!

    Pros : Seamless billing Good customer service

    Cons : Don't always feel like I'm using the program to its full potential Lots of options, not always intuitive

  • We recommend Replicon's TimeAttend for any company looking to gain insights into how workforce time is spent to manage labor costs efficiently. It can help users easily pinpoint activities taking more time and drill down to understand what corrective actions need to be taken. Organizations can ensure employee productivity, compliance to labor regulations, and reduced labor costs with the cloud-based time tracking platform famous for providing a hassle-free experience.

  • Replicon provides project managers as well as finance and accounting people with a powerful but flexible cloud-based tool that completely manages and solves time tracking, project costing, workforce management and customer billing issues wherever the user may be.

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