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  • Smartly Designed, Dead Simple Recruiting Platform. For the win.

    Recruiterbox Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI was managing the software procurement as well as participating in the recruiting process. This was in a professional training & coaching organization (prior to my current role). We needed to fill twenty positions within a 30-45 day window (not easy, for a small company). The tool was used by three hiring managers. It solved the problem of managing a high volume of candidates, and shepherding them through the screening and interview workflow.

    Pros : There's a "social footprint" kind of feature that scrubs popular social media tools for content, and aggregates this on the candidate page for a complete view of the candidate's personal brand. That was neat.The email and calendar integration was well done. Most people want simple communications (the ability to respond to a candidate from the email client on your mobile device, without the hassle of logging into a platform). The ability to discreetly communicate with the candidates, while mainta

    Cons : The interface isn't dazzling. But it's clean. Perhaps there's some opportunity to sexy up the UI.The labeling was a bit awkward, and doesn't work so cleanly when you forward a candidate to the data store, via the application email. For example, you can add the candidate manually using the web-based UI, or you can forward an application from your email client to an email alias. Also, the conversion from email-to-"creation of candidate profile" was not entirely great. But it was close enough to ge

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  • What do you like best?

    Recruiterbox comes exactly as advertised; I was able to complete a (free) implementation in an afternoon with no professional support or assistance. The system was fast, easy to use, and inexpensive to deploy. The ability to record sent and received communications from candidates is useful, and surprising for a system with such a light footprint.

    What do you dislike?

    I have only used the free version of this application at a small non-profit organization, and at that level the system is (unsurprisingly) not feature-rich. Even at standard pricing plans however the system cannot meet regulatory requirements for Employment Equity, Privacy, or other burdens that larger enterprises or those that are in regulated industries would face.

    The system offers very little ability to customize at any pricing level, and lack of template features and dynamic standard processes would make multi-level recruitment very difficult/

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Know your requirements; there are certain things that this system cannot do, or cannot do well. If you need to quickly post a few jobs, collect basic application information, track your candidates, and collaborate, then this software will serve you very well.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    I needed an inexpensive system to get some visibility for applicants at a small non-profit organization, that would manage both the candidate experience and allow various stakeholders without much recruitment experience to collaborate effectively. RecruiterBox fit that bill to a T.

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  • Gives us flexibility on how we wanted to present our job listings

    My company was looking a simple recruiting solution that that allowed candidates to email us directly and give us flexibility on how we wanted to present our job listings. Recruiterbox solved that problem and has continued to improve since we started using it, offering new analytics and organizational abilities.

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    Easiest way to manage resume and applicants!

    When I first logged on to their site three months ago, it looked too simple for our needs. I thought maybe I would need to check out something more "heavy" for our needs. But after I took the trial on the free plan, this tool surprised me. It looks simple, but is very powerful. The most awesome feature is their unique email for every opening - so all applications will automatically come in by openings. And its easy to publish openings everywhere and receive applications, once you create them.

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    Best recruitment software for any business

    For a startup like ours, our hiring needs were limited at first. Recruiterbox was completely free to use for two postings. Whatever our hiring intensity, recruiterbox has saved us a lot of time and removed the pain of opening email attachments and manual tracking of candidates in spreadsheets. Highly recommend it for small and medium companies who are looking for long-term internal processes. Efficient and scalable.

    Pros : Easy to use Saves time

    Cons : None

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  • Recruiterbox helps startups and small companies manage their hiring process better. Once you sign up, you can choose a site address and start posting jobs. There are quite a few nifty features that the product offers which makes it a super useful product for SMEs.

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  • What we liked:

    • Recruiterbox helps companies spread the word about job openings.
    • All the information about candidates is kept in one spot, so resumes and applications never get lost.
    • Job applicants can be contacted through the Recruiterbox system.
    • Recruiterbox automatically detects duplicate applications.

    What we didn’t like:

    • Recruiterbox’s extensive tools probably aren’t necessary for many smaller firms.

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  • While Recruiterbox does offer some attractive features and is priced of the lower end of the scale, it isn't all-around perfect. Its simplicity means that it isn’t among most robust recruitment and staffing software options available, and it may have problems adapting as your company grows. That being said, Recruiterbox has different products to fit the needs of businesses of varying sizes.

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