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  • I am very pleased with this product

    After using a PC based software which was difficult to use and didn't report the way we needed, this is a dream! We had an accountant and Point of Sale system and just needed a payroll component. This really fit the bill and so far, is working beautifully. It's so automated and yet, there are many ways to customize it (for example, vacation pay calculations for your province). I haven't found a way that it will calculate stat pay though. Remittances were a breeze with this easy app. Each employee is sent the pay advice into their email or it can be printed for them. As one starts the payroll run, all the information is filled out: the pay period dates, the hours if the employees are paid the same every pay period (so just change it to the hours they actually worked), their pay rate, etc. Since it is cloud based, it can be run from anywhere around the world. I am very pleased with this product. I actually look forward to payroll now.

    Pros : Easy to use. Product support was amazing for the couple of questions I have had. Cost effective at $17/month (no hidden add-on fees) Communicates payroll effectively with employee

    Cons : I couldn't find a way to export employee information from my software to Payment Evolution, so had to enter it manually. With 10 employees it was fairly simple and just had to enter YTD amounts along with employee information.

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    A fantastic SMB Payroll and HR app

    This is a fantastic app. It almost replaces a whole accountant for your payroll need and makes you independent. It is extremely user friendly, and doesn't need much CRA/Tax knowledge.

    Pros : - Easy of use. - Accurate. - Doesn't need much tax knowledge to work with. - Free tier for up to 3 employees.

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    Really easy to use payroll

    With the new year we decided to look for a new payroll service to manage payroll for our 17 employees. We were using QuickBooks but the price kept going up. We took a look at PaymentEvolution payroll and were immediately impressed by the simple interface. I actually learned how to use it within just a few minutes - and within about 15min of registering, we had finished our first payrun. Best of all, PaymentEvolution sends the payroll information to QuickBooks so our accountant is happy. Pros: - easy to use - fast to setup - integrates with QuickBooks Cons: - Canada only (for now we're told)

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  • If you are looking for a simple, full featured payroll service for your Canadian business, PaymentEvolution is an excellent choice. You can get up and running in minutes and customize it easily. The price is awesome and I think anyone who owns a Canadian business should try this software.

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