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  • Mhelpdesk is a suitable solution for any service company with small or medium-sized teams, as well as growing companies. Mhelpdesk can help business owners and their staff keep organized, track all business activities, communicate and reduce the billable hours spent on paperwork.

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  • Mhelpdesk is a solid service, offering most of the features you’d probably need. It also offers a great setup and support option: a one-time fee of $350 for one-on-one help in customizing the service and even employee training on the solution. Though it doesn’t provide a direct way to track non-availability times for field workers other than seeing assigned jobs, it can easily be done via creating events on the calendar.

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  • Ease-of-use

    Its all web-based and fairly simple to use; help is only one click away.


    This software meets all my needs; it works well for the IT field.

    Product Quality

    The quality is perfect; it's well-designed with a professional attitude.

    Customer Support

    Customer support is great. They are just a click or call away and respond really fast.

    Likes Best

    The work orders are easy to understand, and they are always improving the software. The best part is you do not have to install updates.

    Likes Least

    The fact that my data is out on someone else's machine and not on mine is one downside, but that's the way technology is going.


    Give MHelpDesk a try. They can even assist you with importing all your existing contacts, and it works fairly well with QuickBooks.

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    We set it up over a year ago and still have had no issues.


    Anything I have thrown at this software, it has been able to handle and more.

    Product Quality

    Never any downtime and features are always being added.

    Customer Support

    Top-notch. Any questions are answered and resolved quickly.

    Likes Best

    The software is very versatile, easy to setup, and reliable.

    Likes Least

    No complaints. I have never had an issue with the software or vendor. It just works.


    Just buy it; you will not regret it. It will handle all of your needs.

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    PC Dr. is a computer service/repair and sales business. We have a storefront and we offer in house service or onsite service to commercial and residential customers. After the first couple of years, my business started growing at a rapid rate and I knew it was time to start looking for a customer tracking software. I started with a couple of well known programs that would give me the customer tracking part, but that was it. I needed one that would offer customer tracking, asset tracking, integration with Quickbooks, and of course one that was user friendly. I was desperate for something that could also increase my productivity, and after browsing the web I stumbled upon Mhelpdesk. There was a free trial period so I figured I would try it since I had nothing to lose. I immediately fell in love. I was able to import all of my current customers from Quickbooks so it made the transition seamless. I was also thrilled when I realized they had an app for my iPhone and iPad so I could use it onsite. One of the best features is that I can export all of my financial data into Quickbooks and send it straight to my accountant. The cost of this software is very affordable, which was also a big concern since we are a small business. The customer support is very eager to help and to resolve any incidents immediately. Within the past year and a half that PC Dr. has been using Mhelpdesk, our profits have increased due to our increased productivity and we know we will always have the best features available since Mhelpdesk is always updating their software!!!

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  • Mhelpdesk streamlines our workorder and billing process, getting us paid quicker.

    Mhelpdesk Use Cases and Deployment ScopeOur entire organization uses it.  Our biggest issue is that we user our outlook calandars for scheduling and the Mhelpdesk calendar does not tie in with that, so we double enter. Mhelpdesk does integrate great with quickbooks though.

    Pros : The timer to track the technicians time is wonderful.Integrates well with QuickBooks.The mobile app is great.

    Cons : More platforms for the mobile ap will be helpful.Integrating w/ Outlook for calendar would be nice.

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    Great software for the service industry!!

    Mhelpdesk ProsMhelpdesk allows our sales staff to create estimates and invoices in the field without the connectivity headaches of QuickBooks Online products.It allows us to track the status of our projects from initial customer contact through completion.

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  • Business owners and managers who use Mhelpdesk should see an immediate ROI when it comes to increased service revenue, customer satisfaction, first-time fix, and response times. Users can spend more time doing what they love, and less time handling the mundane tasks – like manually approving work orders and invoices – that come with running a service-based company. Mhelpdesk’s mobile tools give service technicians the freedom to complete their work from inside or outside the office. Meanwhile, advanced features like electronic signatures and integrations with accounting tools like Quickbooks actually provide a way for businesses to save money over the long-term.

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  • From invoicing and billing to service and repair tracking, Mhelpdesk simplifies all your requirements. If you’ve spent so much time in the past organizing, scheduling, communicating and thinking about your business instead of getting down to the nitty-gritty of servicing, you’ll love how Mhelpdesk just takes all that off your hands, allowing you to get more work done in less time.

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