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Infor HCM is the industry's leading and unique associated social capital management platform that unites any software, content, device, or method collectively to change the way people operate. Data from any system in your business can run on our single cloud interface to serve you properly organize, choose, use, improve, test, and compensate your workforce. Infor HCM gives the power of a business app in a consumer-grade experience, enabling you to analyze and optimize everything everybody in your organization needs to know next.

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English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese
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  • Ease-of-use

    The UI design of Infor HCM is pretty good, especially the placement of functions on the dashboard.


    Infor has most of the functions needed or expected from a sensible HCM.

    Product Quality

    The quality is pretty good; there are almost no bugs.

    Customer Support

    The support team at Infor HCM is responsive and quick; they can offer premium support packages, too.

    Likes Best

    The best thing about Infor HCM is its ease of use.

    Likes Least

    Infor's Help Fuction could be more intuitive.


    I'd recommend going with Infor HCM; I would say that for the cost, it's a great value.

  • The ability to cut down on data entry and paperwork are two of the greatest features that Infor HCM has been prided for. Their customers love the fact that their jobs are so much easier and that their work is now error free. Having a software program like they do is second to none with their competition. Being named third largest software provider was definitely a pat on the back for Infor HCM. They worked hard to make sure that their software was a leader of its kind and it shows by their extensive satisfied customers list. No matter which programs are chosen to work with their HRIS software the results will be amazing.

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Infor HCM

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