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  • They have such wonderful customer service!

    Let me start by saying... I have tried MANY platforms. And the ones I didn't try, I watched the videos for and checked the demos. HiringThing may not be as well known as others, but it is SO good! I am so glad I stumbled upon it. In the past I have used CATS, TargetRecruit, and several others, and I have never found better customer service and a more friendly product than HiringThing. I highly recommend it! Sometimes I have even laughed at how fast they answer support emails... to the tune of less than 30 seconds after me sending it! So impressed!

    Pros : -Awesome free trial with no credit card -Rating feature with stars -Simple to use, but robust enough to have all features -Beautifully designed interface -The best customer service I've ever seen -Super, highly customizable -Open API

    Cons : -Right now there's no activity feed besides the sent messages, but they are developing it for me within 2-3 weeks and then will roll it out to all users!

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    Best Hiring Software

    Best hiring software, I ever used! Try it for sure it has a free trial!

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    News Paper is DEAD!

    We are a professional company that needed to hire both a new sales person and a operations person. We tried to the newspaper to the tune of $400! Our results were exactly "0" applicants! We didn't even get a bad applicant. In a couple of weeks we now have 32 applicants for the sales position and 20+ for the ops position - we have now hired for both. Bottom line - it works.

    Pros : Easy to use High number of applicants Useful number of Quality Applicants Very reasonable cost

    Cons : None

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  • What we liked:

    • HiringThing gives companies insight into how people are finding their postings.
    • Managers can review and rate applicants from within the platform.
    • HiringThing offers scheduling tools that managers can use when setting up interviews.
    • Reporting and analytics tools show how applicant volume has changed over time.

    What we didn’t like:

    • Companies with the Basic plan are limited to posting a maximum of two open jobs per month.

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  • HiringThing has been very help to us when looking to hire drivers. I am glad that I found this system. We are a taxi company, and the ease of updating our listings - along with the quality of service - means we will continue to use this service.

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    We couldn't be more pleased with Hiringthing as our new ATS. We researched many SAAS ATS solutions through a market survey before selecting HiringThing.

    The software is intuitive, requiring no training at all for us to use. We have altered our workflow to fit with HiringThing, and its made our process leaner and easier. Actions which would have taken 30 minutes or more are now completed in minutes. No more juggling spreadsheets, figuring out who has spoken to whom, or cutting and pasting from emails. Everything is centralized in the the applicant's notes and messages, and we can set up interviews and calls, and rack them as well.

    Help screens are well written, the support center has a good knowledge base, and its easy to enter a ticket for support. Customer support is phenomenal. We get fast responses and fixes. Suggestions for future releases are taken.

    I would recommend HiringThing without reservations. We are a small company without a full time recruiting staff - we have our own jobs to do, and now with HiringThing, we can effectively manageg recruiting without taking up too much of our regular work schedule.

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    This site is by far the best site for connecting employers and applicants. The graphics and page setup are very appealing. The customer support has been outstanding. I love everything about this site and will recommend it to everyone I know. There is no question in my mind, that if you are looking for help hiring or looking for a job, Hiring Thing is the best in its field!!!

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  • HiringThing is a great tool for any company that plans on seeing rapid growth in the coming months. The application includes a wide range of convenient features that streamline the hiring process. The only downside is the cost. The cheapest plan is just under $40 per month which might be a bit much for a small company or startup operating on a shoestring.

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