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Elance gives people the freedom to find great jobs and live the life they dream of.

By connecting freelancers with businesses who are looking for skilled professionals, Elance opens up a world of opportunity to those hoping to escape economic situations or find a better work/life balance.

Elancers come from all corners of the world and every walk of life. They include cube-weary former Fortune 500 professionals, college students building-up their portfolios by applying the latest skills, victims of “down-sizing” now loving the new-found freedom to pick and choose jobs, and even parents thrilled to spend quality time at home while working rewarding jobs online.

In a nutshell, Elance is where fulfilled people love their lives and love to work.

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    Leonardo Andrés David Zerón

    Elance is one of the best-known freelancer websites, and in general the site layout is easy to use and intuitive. The page has many features in place that guarantee fair conditions for freelancers and clients alike, and the jobs are easy to search by categories and keywords. The web interface is also very light and loading times are quick. The commission rate of 8.75% is competitive, considering that other sites may charge 10% or more. Overall Elance is a good freelancing marketplace, and the issues present are minor. One of the main recommendations I would give if you take hourly jobs is to set the time tracker as “always on top” so that you can monitor if it is logging your work hours correctly. I had a pair of occasions when it stopped working in the background, but this is easily solved by displaying it on top and mini mode- to avoid blocking a large portion of the screen. If there is problem you will immediately see the notification.

    Pros :

    • Well, paid jobs can be found if you offer a specialized skill that differentiates you. Browsing by categories makes it easier to find good matches for your skill set.
    • A competitive commission rate of 8.75%.
    • The most basic level of paid membership, which costs $10/month, allows you to view the range of competing bids- a great advantage for a low price.
    • Escrow system and time tracking guarantee you will be paid.
    • Nearly instant payment withdrawal when you use Paypal.

    Cons :

    • The Time Tracker app is prone to stop in the background unless you have an excellent Internet connection. It is recommendable to display it on top of whatever screen you have, at reduced size.
    • Sometimes accounts are placed on hold due to suspicion of privacy violation, but they normally resolve the issue quickly if you demonstrate you were acting correctly.
    • It will soon merge with Upwork, which has a higher commission rate of 10%.
    • Membership is by job category, and you must pay additional monthly fees to participate in more than one category. The job category that will be included in your monthly plan should be selected carefully- ideally, it should be the one from which you can obtain the highest income.

    • October 16, 2015
  • User review from

    Sean Caruana

    I have experimented with various freelancing platforms to provide my software development services, including  Elance, freelancer.com, Guru, , PeoplePerHour among others. Out of all the ones I tried, Elance is by far the best one. However, it has its fair share of problems. One of the biggest problems is the lack of knowledge which the support staff has - I have faced many situations where I would speak to a support executive via live chat, only to be told something completely different to what would have been mentioned by other support personnel, knowledge base articles or FAQs. I have had a few issues with clients in the past, and Elance did absolutely nothing to help out. All you receive is automated replies when bringing up these issues. I would, therefore, say that this is the biggest problem with Elance, and it is surely not a small issue. The other problem is that it is being phased out, as Elance has now merged with Upworks, and most clients have now left Elance.

    Pros :

    • Decent moderation of jobs from Elance staff.
    • There is no need to pay money to be able to apply for jobs, and not paying for a membership does not really hamper your chances of getting selected for a job. This contrasts greatly with some other freelancing sites.
    • In-depth review system, for both freelancers and clients, which makes it easy to determine an individual's abilities, and how a particular client treats contractors.
    • There are many categories of jobs, not just IT-related ones.
    • Reputation system provides motivation for freelancers, and can be used to assess a freelancer's experience (for potential clients' evaluation).
    • Competitive commission rate of 8.75% (while it lasts, as Elance is on its way out).

    Cons :

    • Terrible knowledge shown by support staff in general.
    • Elance is forcing clients and freelancers to move to Upworks, which has a higher commission rate than Elance, and a much higher amount of freelancers due to the merger with oDesk.
    • Hourly jobs do not have payment protection unless an intrusive spyware-style screenshot capture software is used while you work.

    • September 7, 2015
  • User review from

    Yuneek Sehgal

    Its a good thing that elance now merged with odesk otherwise i had a bad experience getting an opportunity in their platform.

    Pros : Although there are plenty of fake company profiles but its still helping many of the freelancers. Many of them dependent on it. Its a good news that both elance and odesk are not merged and will be following a standardized process.

    Cons : My friend told me an incident happened with him. Elance proclaimed that its safe but truth is its not. They block your account stating that they do so just for safety. Even if you can recover it by going through an unnecessary "verification" process, you still not safe from those reviews.

    • August 25, 2015
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