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Ascentis Payroll is a Web-based, Internet payroll system that allows you to process payroll in real-time, ensuring 100% accuracy, flexibility and control. With live processing and instantaneous auditing, Ascentis Payroll can reduce payroll processing time by as much as 30%. Real-time synchronization with Ascentis HR, interfacing capabilities with your general ledger and time and attendance systems, and robust reporting bring you the answer to your toughest payroll processing problems.

Our online payroll processing software stands out from traditional payroll systems by providing instant payroll processing. Real-time payroll processing allows you to evaluate your payroll before creating checks rather than having to correct mistakes after the fact. Run payroll anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you need to in order to ensure 100% accuracy.

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Features & Specifications

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  • Web-based HR software
  • Real-time payroll processing
  • Full featured and flexible recruiting software


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Australia,  Canada,  United Kingdom,  United States
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  • Web Based
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  • Pros: This web-based HR management tool is designed specifically for small businesses. You are able to be flexible without giving up accuracy or control as you administer payroll through this software. Additionally, Ascentis can reduce your payroll processing time by as much as 30%. Ascentis includes firewall protection to prevent your small business from attacks.

    Cons: If you want to use Ascentis’ high quality software to its fullest extent, you must buy more than one of their services.

  • Ascentis has worked very hard to set their standards high with a quality product. They offer many different options with their HRIS system that can benefit a company in many ways. Their company services many well known names in business and have shown their ability to stand out above the rest.

  • Ascentis software is very user friendly, and easy to customize for your individual company needs. The software is simple to implement and can help you streamline all your HR needs.

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