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An Introduction to Recruitment Software

Companies succeed for a number of reasons. However, without the right employees, every product and service is doomed to fail. Successful companies are always powered by the people who show up and get the job done. It makes sense, then, that successful companies invest a lot of time and money into recruiting the people they need to get to the top. It also makes sense, then, that in the digital age, this process would involve leveraging powerful software in order to attract the best prospects and convert them into productive employees. Before you invest in a recruitment software platform, though, you should know more about your options.   

What Recruitment Software Does

Let’s start with the basics: what recruitment software actually does. While it will depend on the platform itself, most have certain things in common. Recruitment software is about harvesting leads online and then making sure HR or some other human element of your company only has to deal with the most qualified candidate. Any recruitment software that can’t say it does this should immediately be forgotten.
But the basics should never be considered good enough, no matter what kind of software we’re talking about. So let’s now look at what makes great recruitment software.

Requisition Data

First, you want to find a platform that is capable of storing possible recruits in the most efficient way possible. This means those who may be applying online to your website and possible candidates who are already a part of your company.
To this end, you want software that will be friendly to recruiters too. This is an important segment of the market that can often be the reason you find the best possible candidate for the job.
Once a recruit is entered into the system, your software better be able to categorize them by every meaningful form of data. It’s important you’re able to find people who have applied for a certain job. But it’s also important that you’re able to run a search by certain criteria. You could miss out on the perfect candidate later on because they didn’t apply for a specific role they’d fit. Being able to search by college degree, work experience and certain keywords could make all the difference.
To be fair, a lot of this will have to do with how you post the roles you’re looking for. Nonetheless, recruitment software should make it simple to do so.

Job Boards

If you want to cast the widest net, you’re going to need more than just your company’s website and an internal system. You also want to post across all the relevant job boards too. Good recruitment software makes this possible with the click of a button. Create a template, post it to your company’s own site, and then run it across all the job boards you want too.
This also makes strategic recruitment campaigns much easier. Sometimes, a wide net is counterproductive. That doesn’t mean you have to keep recreating the wheel though. Instead, leverage recruitment software to pinpoint the online destinations where it will make the most sense to look for viable candidates.


Even the best ad will attract applicants that just aren’t right for the job. That doesn’t mean your hiring managers need to waste their time with every single person who applies though. Recruitment software also makes it easy to pose countless pre-screening questions to candidates before they ever receive so much as an email. By being able to eliminate those who just aren’t right for the job, your hiring managers use their time where it will be best spent.

Benefit from Analytics

Few things make a difference like the right analytics. You use them in marketing. You use them in sales. Why not use them where talent acquisition is concerned? With recruitment software, you can use analytics to run “what if” scenarios and otherwise study how past acquisition campaigns have gone. This means that each time you go looking for a candidate, you’re in a better position to find the right one.
There’s no arguing that recruiting still takes man hours and talented individuals. But that doesn’t have to mean that it becomes a drain on your company’s resources. Instead, leverage recruitment software to land the most qualified candidates at the least amount of cost.

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