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Rebecca Sealfon, Software Engineer at Google
Todoist is a very solid piece of task completion software with all the major features. It has a slick interface and is a good tool for anyone who wants a more complex task completion software with a variety of features. andnbsp;The ideal Use Case...

Todoist Task Management

Few thing you want to know before buying it

Charles Briggs, I help SEO specialists and agencies to do their job cost efficiently, more productive, and less time consuming
As a former part of the team of this tool, you can think my judgment is biased, but I'm consulting various e-commerce, and I recommend Serpstat over other rank tracking tools (although I don't get any compensation). The main reason for this is tha...

Serpstat Competitive Intelligence

Great tool. Bit short on countries though.

Igor Gorbenko, Digital Marketing Expert. Head of Content Marketing Deparment
Lots of filters and instruments. Really awesome that it has backlinks and site audit. Rank tracking is great. Search analytics part is also great.

Serpstat Competitive Intelligence

Not a good Google Apps alternative

Ryan Killoran, Business Development at PowerDETAILS
I'm a Google Apps customer, but also use Dropbox for a lot of my personal needs as it seems somewhat ubiquitous among my friends.Dropbox has a fatal flaw when it comes to collaboration, I felt the need to highlight that here as it is the major rea...

Dropbox Document Management
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