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  • Zoho Books is smart accounting for growing businesses. It won our Great User Experience and Useful Free Trial Awards for 2016. It is an intuitive accounting solution designed for small businesses to handle their finances and to remain on top of their cash flow. It is a simple, easy-to-use accounting solution to help you handle your business, the smart way.

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    Cons :

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  • Important and easy

    I am working as wholesaler, zoho books helped me in decision making very useful and easy to use but need some improvement in inventory management.thanks to cloud basis I am using this app from different locations and devices.

    Pros : Accounting, reports and contacts management are excellent.

    Cons : Inventory management need some improvements

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    zoho books

    Is an add on for a CRM. NOT a thorough acct program EX: Journal entry does not allow use of a bank account. many trans have 2work around shortcomings.

    Pros : able 2 attach e.files as support

    Cons : many JE's needed to get around pitfalls

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    Go-To Invoicing Software Everyone Should Have

    We are a company that's 10 years in the industry. We cater a thousand orders a month and getting an invoicing software that's basically gonna do the job is essential. We've been to a couple of invoicing software but none of those were good enough to bring with us on our road to success. The last software we've got literally ruined our business for a couple of months that we decided to give it up until I found Zoho books. I have heard much of Zoho from my virtual assistant colleagues and their employers have been using them for a while. I decided to sign up for a free trial and loved it! It does almost everything that we need in an invoicing software. Its payment reminders allow us to optimize our collections every month and it keeps going. Its ability to track overdue invoices, customizing templates, and custom fields were a tremendous help in making sure our documents are as accurate as we need them to be. Customer service is also a big help. Someone always answers the phone on their end, emails are being replied in a timely manner and call backs are done in less than 24 hrs. All these for $24 a month which is kind of awesome. We are probably going to stick with Zoho for a while and we are just even starting. Reports are also pretty detailed and is a big help for us to track our progress. On the other side of the coin, I hope they also have an API integrated in their system. Makes it easier for our vendors. I recommend it to small to large scale business who are looking to integrate their accounting and invoicing (probably their inventory as well with Zoho Inventory on the way). Zoho Books is for you.

    Pros : 1. Reports. We needed to track our progress down every week and what better way it is than to view our reports. Zoho allows you to get a report for Sales Person, Items and Customer. It's detailed report on overdue invoices are great for us to pound the ones that need to pay. 2. Payment Reminders. Our invoices are always set in an open account. Therefore, we need an automated system to remind our customers about their due invoices. Works great for our collection! 3. Customer Service. They are a

    Cons : Zoho is good about getting a constructive suggestion done. However, I wish they have an API integration with the system. Also with the Zoho Inventory along hte way, Im pretty sure they will be a perfect go-to software for our company.

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  • Zoho Books may not have the name recognition of Intuit's QuickBooks or Xero, but it's superior to both of them in terms of its depth, capabilities, and customization. Only the lack of integrated payroll keeps it from getting a solo Editor's Choice.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Zoho Books is an intuitive accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and to stay on top of their cash flow.

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  • Zoho Hooks

    Zoho Books Use Cases and Deployment ScopeZoho Books is currently being used by the management and accounting departments within our organization. We use zoho Mail, and various zoho applications and services. We love the idea of having all of our information in one place. We can simply update our CRM, and the information automatically transfers through to our books for accurate, up-to-date invoicing. There is no more need to check and edit various sites when changes are made to our clients' information. That integration feature is a very convenient and appreciated time saver.

    Pros : The dashboard gives a lovely overview of all things finance. Its a great at-a-glace way to track your financial health and waves.Recurring invoices. 'Nuff said. Before discovering this feature, I dreaded the monthly invoices. This feature has cut my invoicing time in half. Maybe even more. Fantastic!Timesheets from Zoho Projects can also be integrated into the invoicing process. Which cuts back on the website switching and transering of information. Its all in one place here!

    Cons : A faster, cleaner interface would be great. The ability to quickly edit client info without being taken to a new page would speed up the process.

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  • After much research and analysis ofaccounting software, we recommend Zoho Books as the best accounting software for really small businesses, such as sole proprietors, freelancers, consultants, artists, and e-commerce and home-based businesses.

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  • Overall, I’m quite impressed with all that Zoho Books can do. I think this software fits nicely between it's competitors.

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  • Zoho Books provides simple-to-use online accounting tools and a wide range of additional apps to help you create the exact business solution you require. The mobile app supports most platforms. Zoho is an applicable choice for those who work by mobile or for those who like the freedom to piece together modules to create a customized business solution.

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  • Zoho Books outstrips nearly all the competition with its invoicing features. As a combined accounting/invoicing solution, it could be a very good option for many small, service-based businesses.
    In the end, when it comes to Zoho Books, a lot depends on the nature of your needs for your business. If you run a small, service-based business, it may be worth a look; take it for a test run to see if it will be a good solution for you.

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  • Although Zoho Books does have capacity to be a great accounting app, there may be better and more versatile methods available elsewhere. If you are interested in tracking inventory and further customization of invoices, Zoho Books wouldn't be for you. The cost to use Zoho is a bit higher than similar apps for less features. Overall, this app works good and has an easy to use interface if not a little confusing in some areas. For those who are more specialized in performing services, the time tracking capability is a nice feature that many similar apps do not have.

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