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  • Active investors and traders who are predominantly cost-conscious and don't need or warn bells and whistles will enjoy Zecco's amazingly low commission costs. Option traders will also find a healthy number of profit-oriented tools. Anyone in these two groups is encouraged to open a free Zecco account.
    Traders who are more interested in research and analysis than cost - or traders who don't trade options - may be disappointed. These investors are encouraged to explore other services that may cost more, but offer a data-rich and easier-to-navigate platform.

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  • Zecco has a great pricing structure for experienced and active traders. However, many other services offer more education and research, which is more applicable to long term investors and new investors. But if you know what you are doing and are shopping for cheap trades, check out Zecco.

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  • Zecco Trading is the online discount broker best known for giving away 10 free trades each month. But low cost is not the only thing Zecco offers. Zecco also offers powerful investing tools, a community for like-minded investors to share their portfolios and investing tips, and great customer service.

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  • If you have good experience in trading and if you are looking for low cost and solid service provider, then Zecco is the one of the best options available for you. Trading Education tools are just OK and there are no extra ordinary material there but, still sometimes they are useful for many. Additionally online social community is the best thing for traders. So overall Zecco is good for experienced people and they should open an account with Zecco. But if you are looking for intensive research performed on stocks then Zecco may not be the best option for you.

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  • Over all, Zecco offers good value for the money. Most trades are inexpensive, and you can access a number of free and premium tools. However, some fees are a little bit high. But, Zecco does offer a wider variety of options than many other online brokerages. If you are a more advanced trader, interested in options and forex, Zecco can provide you access to opportunities other online brokers might not be able to.

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  • Zecco is an appropriate broker for those that are interested in trading. The trading fees are low enough that a trader could justify buying and selling securities on a regular basis. I did find the ability to execute trades on Facebook to be a cool option. The currency trading aspect is a nice touch to for traders. Keep in mind that currency trading carries lots of risk and is not suited for most investors. You can make a lot of money really fast or lose all of your money currency trading.
    I would recommend Zecco to someone that is looking to trade. Long term investors however could find better options elsewehere.

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  • With the exception of a few minor down sides, Zecco definitely deserves the reputation it has in the industry. Based on our Zecco review, it is a market leader and a broker you can trade Forex with and know your hard earned money is safe and secure.

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  • We would recommend Zecco to anyone looking for a first online trading platform. It makes getting started very easy and provides lots of information to help you make sensible investment decisions. There might not be the one to one advice you would get from a brick and mortar company, but with the proper research anyone can invest wisely. However, if you are a serious trader looking for very advanced features and volume trading discounts check out our top ten for some excellent choices.

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