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  • Expenses are now fun!!!

    Before I found Xpenditure, I used to put all my expenses in a spreadsheet. Very painful and time consuming. I now find it very easy to manage my expenses without the need to keep receipts.

    Pros : No need to keep your paper receipts anymore. Iphone App makes it easy to enter in your reciepts The ability to create trips is awesome, because I need to submit receipts by trips/projects, but still need to know the overall expenses for the quarter and the year.

    Cons : I wish there was also a custom iPAD app instead of just using the same iphone app enlarged for ipad.

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    Making Expense Reports A Breeze

    I'm in the entertainment industry as well as I have a business that I run from home. I need to differentiate the different parts of my life and make the reporting of my expenses easy for my accountant. I travel around the world performing and so there's various expenses, or write-offs, that I need to keep track of. I was using another company for a few years and they're going out of business. I searched for a company that could handle my expenses the way that I was already used to. In my search, I found Xpenditure. They have literally made 'expense reporting a breeze'. Even in my trial period, I needed some help in setting up my different expense reports and the customer service is GREAT!. I was a POTENTIAL customer, and the customer service treated me as if I was already a customer. Once I was helped with my setup, I haven't looked back. I've already recommended Xpenditure to some of my colleagues and will continue to do so. They have a customer for life.

    Pros : As I mentioned in the review section, the customer support is phenomenal. In my trial period, I was treated like a customer that had already been with the company for a while. That's very attractive to potential customers. Also the ease of use, the mobile apps they have, so you can report your expenses on the go. If you need different types of expense reports, such as I do, they can accommodate that with no problems. Also, in traveling around the world they have a dropdown box for the different

    Cons : At this point, I'm in my third month and I currently don't have any complaints. If I need any help, I contact customer support and they help me. No cons!

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    A really clever idea!

    I stumbled across this system by pure chance. I had been looking for a blended input base where I can use a smartphone but also a regular web browser. I'm a single-user consultant and also ways loosing receipts. Now, this system helps me structure projects and trips really well and has a very nice interface to show me what's happening. The support team in Belgium are superbly friendly and always available. Great stuff!

    Pros : Blended inputs from multiple channels; also the automatic currency calculations are brilliant...

    Cons : Doesn't support a direct interface to Clear Books yet

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  • Built specifically for freelancing professionals, consultants, independent contractors, and small businesses, Xpenditure makes every aspect of business management and accounting relatively easy and fast. Thus, you save money and resources and come up with better business decisions.

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  • Xpenditure is a helpful tool for any business that manages expenses regularly. The application can save a significant amount of time that would normally be wasted preparing and filing reports. It also allows users to ease into a paperless office environment and reduces the chances of expense reporting mistakes. The subscription plan is reasonably priced and makes the application accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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  • For any business, tracking and managing expenses can be a costly, time-consuming process. Xpenditure lets organizations easily store and organize receipts, extracting relevant data for use in accounting procedures.
    Xpenditure’s features are robust, but for smaller organizations, the ability to approve expenses is still an important option. Since these features aren’t available in the less expensive version, businesses should consider the Pro version which isn´t that expensive considering the productivity benefits that can can get out of it.

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