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  • Overall, Xero is Web-based solution for businesses that want to run their own payroll in a more efficient way.

    Pros : Affordable for small businesses, no hidden fees.
    Cons : Not available in all 50 states, not intended for larger businesses, no full-service payroll option.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Moving from Zero Books

    I started using Clientexec in-house version (year 2004) to generate invoices for our customers , then we move to Kbilling (year 2006) which is a standalone software, its a great software, but as it is not cloud based it is difficult to manage, then we move to Zoho Books (year 2013) which served most of our needs. I decided to give Xero a run as apparently it can integrate with lots of other apps. I am still trying to move data from Zoho boos/Kbilling to Xero , May go back to Zoho Books...

    Pros : Cloud based which allow many user to login to access system. Integrate with many appa

    Cons : Not as easy to use as Zoho Books Cannot export data out Unable to sync banking in Singapore Unable to use Braintree as payment gateway Not easy to edit invoice template

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    Great App

    I have been mainly using the desktop version of Xero but the app has been a great way of checking transactions when on the move. I look forward to continued use.

    Pros : Streamlined and easy to use accountancy processes.

    Cons : The receipt facility could be integrated with Xpenditure software better - but this is a minor issue that I´?¢m sure will be resolved.

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    Great integration & invoicing capabilities

    Overall a really useful product - relatively easy to use (some parts get a bit tricky if you don't have a good understanding of accounting terminology - but they provide help guides/descriptions to help you through it). The online invoicing is great.

    Pros : Great integration with other online products and good connectivity to banking services.

    Cons : If you run a small contracting business with a moderate number of infrequent employees, the payroll volume pricing doesn't seem right.

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  • Xero is a feature-rich cloud-based accounting program and one of the few to offer integrated payroll. Their prices are higher than other programs, but they try to make up for that by offering third party app integrations and other features that you are often charged extra for with other companies.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Xero impressed me pretty quickly. It's hands-down better than my 5 year old desktop product.

    Xero Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe are using Xero across the business. We use it for general accounting as well as invoicing.

    Pros : Xero is very strong on accessibility. It works well from the desktop as well as a mobile device.The invoicing functionality is good with a lot of automation. Recurring monthly invoices are automatically drafted each month which saves a lot of time.The ability to allow controlled access of other people in my organization and my accountant is helpful.

    Cons : Xero changes and updates the product very frequently (almost every day it seems sometimes). The pace is quick enough that it is sometimes hard to keep up. This is good and bad.There is no built-in project accounting system. There are integrations available, but Xero is pretty much financial accounting and lightweight inventory at this point.

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    Couldn't run our business without Xero

    Xero Use Cases and Deployment ScopeCatching Clouds provides outsourced cloud accounting services to e-Commerce businesses.  Xero is our core accounting product, all current and all future customers will be migrated to Xero. We couldn't run our business without Xero, it enables our virtual team and clients around the US and world to collaborate on the accounting 24/7.  All of our virtual bookkeepers and virtual controllers are certified on Xero.  We work with a range of Xero add-ons to provide best of breed technical solutions and most importantly current and accurate financials.  This allows our clients to access their accounting anywhere in the world and know that their books have been updated daily by our team as well as the data is automatically flowing from their banks, shopping carts, and marketplaces.

    Pros : Add-on partner ecosystem of partners integrating into the open Xero API to solve specific business requirements and provide support for verticals.Stability and performance - updates every few weeks with no outages, always consistent fast online performanceSmart accounting - bank rules, cash coding, and fast reconciliationAccounting Partner Only functionality - Xero partners have a range of tools to better support businesses and efficiently manage their books with Batch & Recode and a number

    Cons : Improving bank feeds with direct connections and additional functionality with major banks (Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.)Direct connections to merchant providers - Stripe, Authorize.net, etc.More Tracking Categories (Classes)Add projects, tasks and job costing into the core Xero product

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    Yes for Xero from Yes Accounting

    Xero Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe are 100% Xero accountants.  Xero is the cornerstone of our small practice.  All of our staff are experts in Xero.  We have a diverse range of clients, from service, financial, retail, import, public sectors, and manufacturing to name a few. Xero provides businesses with the the best of class tools combined with add-ons to operate the finances and manage their businesses direction. CrunchBoards, the latest add-on in our portfolio, combines forecasts from scenarios to deliver both historical and projections of business forecast.  The forecasts give three way forecasts - profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet.

    Pros : Bank feeds reduce data input and reduce errors.Expenses can be added on the go via the mobile app.Reporting - simple reports, good configurable dashboards keep owners and stakeholders aware of the financial position in seconds. Budgets can easily be created and managed.There are over 500 add-ons that streamline seamlessly to Xero. That gives us the confidence we can find the right match of CRM, POS, Time Management or stock control system as necessary.Multi Currency is as good as SAP Business

    Cons : Payroll is quick and simple although we are seeing some lag in delivering standard reporting like P11'sMore flexible reporting is being delivered, but this is proving to be a long drawn out process. Currently the new monthly Profit and Loss report cannot deliver totals or YTD figures. The new reporting is more versatile in some cases, but is slower to run. That said, the original reports are still available and are perfectly suitable for most SME's.Bank feeds via Yodlee can be problematic. I

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  • Xero is easy to use but provides heavy-duty features, and is well suited to small businesses that work with an external accountant.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • We really liked Xero when we first reviewed it, describing the service as "one of the easiest online accounting systems we've tried". That still stands -- if anything, it's become even more usable. You can also achieve a good deal more, thanks primarily to a focus on the kind of day-to-day accounting tasks that all small businesses need to master. Minor niggles apart, Xero is as likeable as ever and remains top of the heap when it comes to cloud-based accounting.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Xero provides efficient, simple-to-use accounting tools that provide attractive, professional invoices with online payment links. It is simple to use and does not require formal accounting knowledge to manage day-to-day business tasks. It comes with free mobile tools for most mobile phones and devices. It can track inventory and expenses. However, if you require project-tracking and time-tracking tools, you will have to add a Xero add-on or consider another solution.

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  • For many small businesses, Xero is a fantastic cloud-based accounting solution. It offers a good midpoint between comprehensive installation-based software (much of which is more than most small businesses really need) and bare-bones cloud-based accounting software. I found the feature selection excellent and Xero's claim of providing "beautiful accounting" accurate.

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  • There is a number of accounting software on the market, but this Xero review demonstrates that Xero manages to set itself apart by operating in the cloud. Having a ledger that is always without the need to sync between desktops not only ensures accuracy but also makes collaboration extremely efficient. This accounting app is an excellent example of a tool that is intuitive enough to begin using immediately yet robust enough to meet the needs of organizations of any size. There are dozens of features that new users will continue to be pleasantly surprised by. Xero is also making significant efforts at helping small businesses understand how they can use accounting software with a dedicated site that includes comprehensive small business guides.

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  • The product is best suited for small companies who need cloud-based collaboration between their internal staff and their trusted advisors. It includes banking integration and support for multiple currencies. Its use of rule sets to automatically classify transactions, along with the direct import of transactions from financial institutions make this product very attractive to users who would like to automate much of the bookkeeping work for a company.

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