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Cash Focus is a ready to go database solution that just needs populating to produce accurate profit & loss, balance sheets and cash flow reports for even the most complex organisations. It was built by a team of accountants and programmers that believe if an organisation can be modelled via manual spread sheets then software can do it better and faster without any of the related issues. By uploading your ledger chart of accounts, budgets and assumptions it becomes perfectly customised to fit your organisation.

Visual Cash Focus uses your information to predict the expected cash flow, net income/ profit, bank balance, accounts receivable and payable, inventory levels, balance sheet, income statement / profit and loss account and financial ratios at the end of each period.

The accounting methods used to analyze a company's performance on an historical basis are available to analyze future performance. You can view the general ledger for any account and see the transactions that comprise the result. Budgets can be created, managed and reported by profit centers within organizations. Reports include budgeted cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement (profit and loss), source and application of funds, ratios and graphs and variances.

There is nothing new to learn, you know it all already, and as following audit trails is second nature to you finding the source of discrepancies is quick and easy.

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