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  • No matter what kind of business you will be starting, the software supports it. You can choose anything from sole proprietorships to corporations. The format used by the program is also just what the banks and lenders recommend, so you will have the best possible business plan to turn in.

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  • The best part of this business plan software is Ultimate Business Planner's placement of the financial analysis at the beginning of the process. This helps you determine from the beginning if your business idea will be profitable or if you need to rework the idea before spending the hundreds of hours needed to write an efficient small business plan. Although this program doesn't have templates that you can use and edit, it does have a variety of sample plans that you can read through to get inspiration for your own business venture.

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  • With so many strong competitors in this market we find it hard to recommend Ultimate Business Planner. It does a fairly standard job and doesn’t really shine in any particular area. It’s also got no particular niche other than slightly more advanced finance options, but several of these can easily be performed using a basic spreadsheet.

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