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  • TaxAct offers a decent user interface and a low price for all users. People filing W-2 income and typical itemized deductions will find excellent value with TaxAct Plus. Despite its navigation drawbacks, the software saves time over paper filing and money over pricier softwares and accountants. They beat the competition on every tier.

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  • As a simple and affordable way for people to file their federal and state returns, TaxACT is a strong solution. It is clean and easy to use, it guarantees that you do not forget anything thanks to the mini-alert system. It has a long list of accuracy tools to ensure the best results, and it even offers up a maximum refund guarantee.
    If you have an extremely complex tax return that must rely on Schedule C, depreciation, and other issues, you can find all of these things in TaxACT. However, if you want to be walked through them in the way that some more advanced packages do, you will not find such step by step tools here.

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  • Want a simple, inexpensive way to file your tax return? TaxACT might be perfect for you. The software offers an easy, user-friendly interface and cheap services for both federal and state filings.
    We highly recommend TaxACT for any consumer who is looking for a simple and economical way to prepare and e-file taxes.

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  • TaxACT offers good learning resources and has the fundamental tax processes covered. With extremely competitive pricing, TaxACT is a strong choice for those with simple tax requirements who like to get the job done on their own.

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  • TaxACT is the best value choice if you just want accurate DIY tax return software and you don’t value the time-saving features of their competitors. If your return is relatively simple, why pay more than nothing? If you are doing Federal State returns and want to avoid repeated upsell attempts, I would pay the extra money and upgrade to Deluxe right off the bat. You’ll still pocket some decent savings and you’ll be in a better mood.

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  • TaxACT is great for budget-minded filers who can get past the limits to customer support and functionality. Its score would be even higher with better importing capabilities, a refund bonus, and access to prior-year returns.

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  • If you need a fairly simple and straightforward platform to prepare your taxes then you really can’t go wrong with TaxACT. This is also not to mention the price, which is the best in the industry. The TaxACT website claims they handle over 7 million returns each year and it’s easy to see why when they offer both the lowest price and an easy to use platform.
    Assuming you’re not filing a really cumbersome return, TaxACT should be sufficient for the needs of most filers.

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  • TaxACT Deluxe carries its tradition of affordability, thoroughness, and usability into the 2014 tax year. You won't find all of those attributes nor its level of in-depth, ubiquitous guidance in any other personal tax preparation website.

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  • With TaxACT you can easily prepare a simple or complex federal return for free without any preparation. If you end up owing the IRS or your state, you can rest assured that you will have to pay the least amount possible. If you need to file a 1040, TaxACT provides the best price – free. It is also easy to use regardless of your tax preparation experience.

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  • When you send in your tax return you have a lot on the line. The last thing you want besides contracting Typhoid Fever is a problem with the IRS. That being said, don’t use TaxAct if you need tax help or you have a complicated situation. You might save a few bucks but is it worth taking the chance of being thrown in the Octagon with the IRS? I don’t think so. If you need help, go with H&R Block or TurboTax. I would only use this product if I really knew what I was doing and didn’t need any expert guidance or help.

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