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  • Overall, Shoeboxed is a great way for you to manage your receipts, if you have a lot that you don’t want to deal with on your own.
    If you only have a few documents that you manage yourself, using a document scanner can work fairly well. But if you like the idea of support, and of someone else managing everything in a tax-friendly way, Shoeboxed can work for you.

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  • Made Me a Fan

    I'm a small business owner of a company with 4 people. I downloaded the Shoeboxed iPhone app about a year ago and was using it to keep track of expenses that I needed to reimburse myself for. I then found out that Shoeboxed also offers prepaid envelopes. Now, my entire team shoves our bills and receipts in them and they are scanned and available online in just a few days.

    Pros : The accuracy of the app is great (I'd say about 97%) and the prepaid envelopes are a service that I don't think anyone else out there offers. I also called in one time to check on the status of an envelope and the customer support was great.

    Cons : The free version of the app only allows you 5 scans per month which was a lot less than I needed. I am now on the classic premium plan.

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    Excellent switch for QuickBooks!

    Needed something to account for my sales people's receipts. Switched to Shoeboxed and using Expense Cloud. For what I am using it for (seemless QuickBooks integration of credit card charges), Shoeboxed is WAY ahead of Expense Cloud! I have been extremely satisfied and would recommend anyone to try their software.

    Pros : Great categorization! can import chart of accounts, make rules for vendors, and effortless export to QuickBooks!

    Cons : Would like to be able to edit category authors once imported from Chart of Accounts. Would also like to upload CSV files to create smaller list for Chart of Accounts upload - tedious to remove categories that do not apply to my sales people.

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  • Shoeboxed could be a great fit for you if you prefer to send in your documents and have them scanned for you. Since most Shoeboxed plans include prepaid mailers, your scanning happens without you having to actually do anything. If you are not concerned with your documents leaving your immediate control for a time, or if you know that you just won’t scan your documents yourself, or if you just like the idea of outsourcing your scanning on an ongoing basis, Shoeboxed is definitely an option worth considering.

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  • I’ve been a Shoeboxed customer since March and love the service. I get receipt scanning, receipt organizing, business card scanning and document scanning, with almost zero extra effort. I can 100% recommend them as a service I use. You can give them a try with a free introduction. I think you’ll find it’s an extremely helpful service that lets you get on with the more important tasks in your life.

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  • If you find yourself with a lot of papers, receipts, business cards, and more to keep track of the Showboxed could be the answer to your organization! They have lots of options for downloading as well as pricing programs to fit your needs. Don’t get stuck with lost receipts or papers that have faded. Scan your documents through Shoeboxed and stay organized.

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  • If you don’t have a a substantial number of receipts to keep track of would most likely not benefit from this program. However, if you are searching for a way to keep control of your expense records and capture business card information, Shoeboxed is indispensable tool in your small business backoffice.

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  • All in all, I really like Shoeboxed. If you are someone who works with a lot of receipts or business cards, it is definitely something you want to check out. Give their free trial a whirl and see how you like it.

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  • This expense report tracker is more focused on de-cluttering generally than on preparing you for tax time, especially since it lacks credit-card integration and mileage tracking. Digitizing receipts and other business documents automatically comes with the added benefit of helping prepare you for tax season, though, and Shoeboxed is great for folks who do not often remember to record expenses at the time of transactions.

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  • For someone who needs to scan a fair amount of receipts and business cards, it’s a very useful option for saving time and effort, especially if you’re on a plan that offers pre-paid envelopes. I’d highly recommended at least trying out the free trial to see how much it simplifies and organized your life! No more stuffing receipts in that shoebox of yours!

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  • I have been a Shoeboxed user for years now. I can’t tell you how incredibly liberating it is to archive a business receipt within seconds of receiving it and to toss the piece of paper in the trash before even leaving the building. By combining Shoeboxed and Quickbooks, I know that all my business expenses are captured and updated year-round and ready for tax time or if Uncle Same pops in to take a peek at my books.

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