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SavvyMoney.com operates to help people get control of their debt and to fix their current financial situation. It is pretty focused on finding the quickest and easiest way for you to get out of debt. They do not focus as much on creating a budget or other financial aspects, although there are articles addressing them. The main purpose of the site is to help you get started on a debt payment plan.

The advantage of using the site is that you have the payment plan lined up for you, which automatically updates so you can see where you are. The other advantage is that since the site updates your accounts, it takes your credit card spending into account, which will show you when you begin backsliding. This visual reminder can help you stay motivated. It also helps to know just how much extra money each month can quickly improve your situation. And this website offers you a way to track your progress, without making a chart to hang in your home.

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  • SavvyMoney’s debt repayment strategies show you the best way to spread around your payments every month in an effort to help you save thousands of dollars in interest and get out of debt years sooner.

  • Savvy Money was formerly known as DebtGoal. Originally founded in 2008, the company rebranded in November 2011 to better reflect their mission and philosophy. They’ve also revamped their application to make it more user-friendly. SavvyMoney was established to help people get out of debt on their own.The site is visual so as to easily show people how they are managing their money and to give them ways to gauge their progress. The service has helped tens of thousands of people do away with over $1.5 billion in debt. Debts are typically eradicated in about 4 years rather than the 25+ years it takes to pay them off with minimum payments.

  • SavvyMoney could be worth the cost if you like the debt management tool and it helps you to eliminate thousands of dollars in debt.

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