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  • While Saasu lacks the visual appeal of some of its competitors, it offers some exceptionally good functionality, particularly in the areas of banking reconciliation and inventory management. There are a few areas where I would have liked to see a little more efficiency in navigation, but even so the software is generally easy to use, and customer support is very helpful.

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  • Great app

    Saasu has made my life a lot easier. moving from spreadsheets to using Saasu has saved me a lot of time and money.

    Pros : Simple interface Great features Good customer service

    Cons : Hasn't got all the reports I'd like Sometimes there are issues with automatic bank feeds

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    SaaSu to the rescue!

    I did a lot of reviews and trials of accounting solutions before settling on SaaSu for my small business accounting about 3 years ago. I am certainly glad I chose this product: it's grown with my business: from being a simple sole trader, to now being an exporter to the USA with employees in a few locals. With it's automation and bank links, I spend no more than 4 hours a month on my accounts and BAS, yet accountants have commented how clean and professional my book keeping is. And trust me, that is not because I am particularly good at accounting practices!

    Pros : Works the way I do business, and does not force me to think like an accountant. Automated bank feeds make booking .keeping a breeze... and very accurate! Multicurrency support. Super easy payroll. Instant overview of my business Inexpensive.

    Cons : Needs the internet access, but that's a doddle these days.

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    The Day of Your Own Server is Over

    Why would you ever run anything other than a Cloud based accounting system. We run branches all over the world, any time, any where we can access our business data without the need to dial into our own servers. No IT department, No costly IT hardware, it's live; it's in the cloud.

    Pros : No need for any investment in hardware / No need for an expensive IT department / our information where and when we need it. / Cost Effective / Simple / User Friendly

    Cons : Can't honestly think of any

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  • Overall, we find Saasu to be a good choice of software for many businesses. We find that our clients who use Saasu have a better grasp on the health of their business than those using programs that don’t have the online capabilities. We also find that these clients have a lower quarterly spend on bookkeeping services, while still keeping their files current. It is important to seek advice as to what level of subscription is required for your business as the features available differ based on the subscription level, as does the level of support offered, but once set up properly Saasu has the potential to be one of the best tools for your business.

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  • All in all, Saasu is a formidable cloud accounting tool: it’s mature, fully featured, and adequate in most of the categories we analyze. That said, it’s clear that Saasu isn’t keen on the US space, and there’s a few features that could push it from “ok” to “exceptional” (Gmail integration, Android app, UX, US tax).

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