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At Prophix, we believe that a single platform for all your CPM requirements is essential. We used our extensive domain experience to develop a single software product that addresses multiple CPM capabilities through a common user interface. We’ve also productized the functionality that in more expensive enterprise systems requires time consuming and expensive customization.

Implementing a CPM solution may seem like a daunting task. But very few of our customers do everything at once. With Prophix you can grow. Start by replacing spreadsheets for your annual budgeting exercise and then use Prophix for the specific needs of your business. Needs that cannot be met by spreadsheets alone.

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  • Prophix Use Cases and Deployment ScopeProphix is used by our company to create business organization and version models for planning and forecasting. The entire financial organization and upper management depends on the Data and Template views to the Financial Cube for comparison to imported general ledger actual in monthly financial reporting and analytics. Analysts use Prophix for data mining and analysis. Accountants use it for reconciliation and validation. Data integrity was a serious issue before Prophix. Significant time was wasted monthly reconciling various versions of the financials and maintaining report definition. Implementation of Prophix forced a fresh start using a streamlined set of template reports; drawing data from a single Financial cube for near flawless integrity. I never worry that the amount for a given Dimension member combination will not match from report to report.

    Pros : Organization dimension modeling is a simple and visual drag and drop.All displayed data comes from one source (of the truth). The same measure will match from report to report with integrity.Ad Hoc analysis on Dimension hierarchies and amounts for the member combinations facilitates data mining and analysis.Detail Planning Modules posted directly to the Financial Cube gives seamless Drill Through to detail of Plan and Forecast.Delta Analysis tools are an attractive way to enter data within the

    Cons : Drill Across to transaction detail is dependent on the customer's technical ability and capacity to export from ERP to tables. Prophix

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    Paige Burkes

    I've used Prophix at two different companies and highly recommend it. I initially purchased it to solve my budgeting problems: multiple linked Excel spreadsheets started to get glitchy and unreliable. Prophix solved that problem and so much more. It allowed me to use multiple operational drivers to calculate financial budgets. By easily importing actual results from other systems, I can do monthly forecasts, dictating how each line item will calculate going forward or pushing top-level goals down to the detail levels automatically. It has saved me tons of time and allowed me to combine operational and financial data to tell a better story about what's actually happening across the company.

    Pros :

    • Other than the initial software installation, I (the CFO) don't have to rely on IT for anything. At both companies, I've been the administrator of the system. Anyone who is good at Excel can administer Prophix.
    • Creating new reports and doing ad hoc analysis is quick and easy.
    • Graphical dashboards can be catered to individual users.
    • I can combine the data from any number of systems into one database (general ledger, payroll/HR, electronic health record, spreadsheets, etc.).
    • Very powerful in its ability to manage large volumes of data and effectively report on it.
    • Makes it really easy to impress the boss or investors by being able to do complex ad hoc analysis very quickly.
    • Prophix can also pull external documents together with Prophix reports into Reporting binders and automatically email them out to a list of people on a scheduled basis or ad hoc.

    Cons :

    • Given the system's growing number of capabilities, it's sometimes hard to remember all the details of the initial programming when things need to be changed. Wish they offered a cloud version (currently it's only available for installation on local servers).
    • Their quote process tends to overestimate the time/cost of implementation.
    • My recommendation is to have them only include the bare bones in the quote with the ability to buy additional programming time when/if needed.

    • December 23, 2015
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